Wrestling Freshman Year


Just a few shots of warm ups and fun with his team. Jon is wrestling for Taft in the 138 division. This is his first year wrestling for the school. Last year he learned a few beginning skills with Wrestling USA Mat Club here in Lincoln City.


He is not your typical mean angry opponent. Lacks that killer I’m going to hurt you instinct. So he has fun. He is still Surfer Jon.


He loves his team and his coach. This is a learning year – so no wins so far. In this weight class, he is wrestling varsity against seniors who have years of experience. Some of them, all the way to elementary school in mat clubs. Crazy.


I think this will be a huge testimony to the act of doing something you don’t really want to do. He’s not used to loosing. The practices are brutal. The matches are intense. And yet, he knows, if he wants to be that Junior or Senior with all of the experience, he has to take his lumps this year. A sack of bruises and sore joints. Good coaching. Good Training, this has been a good year so far!

Jon is able to play sports at Taft 7-12 as a homeschooler
through OSAA following the school administration’s rules
and OSAA requirements.

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