Exercise in the Rain


It has been raining just about every day since mid November – which makes it harder for me to move out side. I was looking over this month’s photos for a spark of what to share about our life and I saw a theme – grabbing exercise between rain storms.


We have wetsuits and all sorts of gear. On the day above we had to wait out a squall that zipped to the north end of the lake.


All of the storms have revealed miles of gravel beds. We have gone out just about every day to look for a handful of pretty rocks.


Jasper, petrified wood, agates, worm wood, shells, carnelian, moss agate, jade – it’s a fun pocket worth. I’ve been practicing a different bend to pick up things, not only on the beach but at home. More of a full squat, trying to keep my back straight and pull my bottom as far to the ground as possible, then using my core to stand up. It is really strengthening my lower abdomen, while filling my pockets and keeping my floors at home picked up.


I have 2-3 hours a day in the afternoon on the other side of town while Jon is at practice. He did a week of track, and then found out that they had a low baseball turnout and switched to JV Baseball. I spend about an hour walking the beach every day.


The changes on the beach with all of the high water lines, high tides, massive 30 foot waves, and river flooding is incredible. A different beach every day.


Jon was taking a photo of a lady bug after practice.


We’ve been back on extreme low sugar no white flour for over a month. I’ve dropped a size of clothes and a good amount of weight. My older son has been challenged in his health class to make changes and he has dropped sugar drinks. YEAH! Jon is super active – and just picked up Jet Ski with a friend (not our ski) and may try his had at kite surfing. This keeps me outside – rain or shine – and either sitting in the car reading or walking. I prefer the adventure walks to sitting. As soon as I get my work done this morning – it will be a surf check, and then on the bus at 12:30 for an away game in Tillamook – mmmm cheese factory.

You don’t have to have crazy active kids like mine – one goal is to just walk a half mile up the road every day that I don’t walk in town. Be intentional. Move more. Be intentional with lifting and squatting and stretching. I have a sport fitness stretching video that I’ve been working on for flexibility. It is too easy to get scrunched up on the couch.

I’m excited about more hours of daylight – more opportunities to move out side – and shifting my body back into being healthy. You in with me?

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