July 4th 2016


I keep track of how many personal blog posts I write that are not related to reviews. I really dropped the ball in July and August as my life transitioned to being a work away from home mom! Today I’m looking back at July – and sharing with you!


July 1-6th is just about the most fantastic time on the lake. It erases the November 15 – End of July rain and flood season we just endured. Eases the pain of the flooding basement. Lifts the burden of the property garden management. Just a few days of pure bliss.



Boat Parades – I didn’t get a count but this year’s was really long and this photo seriously does not show how many boats drifted by.


Our Goldie. I love her so much! She stops by every morning to say Hi!


One cool thing this year is that we’ve gotten more involved with neighbors on the lake. This is an amazing kid! (kid/not kid – going to college this year).
Do you just love his Patriotism for the parade!!!!?????


This is the second year we were blessed with camping company! A friend that I met through the Schoolhouse Crew, who grew to be a sister through FB, who cemented her life into mine after a crazy day in Portland finding all of the Grim sets, and now two camping trips here. Smile 



As we go into September, and the First Day of No School Day – We celebrate FREEDOM. This week I’ve had a team of young adults camping in our yard from Slovakia and Estonia. Chatting about our education freedom has really boosted my enthusiasm to what a great country we have. No matter where you send your child this year – Do it with the knowledge that you have FREE CHOICE in their education. That is a HUGE thing – no matter which path you choose. God Bless America! – In August Even! ha.

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