Nature Study: Ferns


So – I didn’t quite get to the ‘study’ part – but I did get to the discovery and look it up portion. While we were at camp, I spotted a new to me fern. I love playing a game of naming all of the plants, trees, birds, etc that I see along the trail. So when I get to a new plant, I get REALLY excited.


Three types of ferns in one small area. The tiny one is the new to me one, that I still haven’t 100% identified. I think because it was a young plant. Next time I go to the school I’ll hike over to this spot and see what it looks like grown up.


Later, along the trail, we found it again. We had been in several habitats. Along a field that he been cleared – bracken fern. Then along a river and dark covered mossy woodland area, then along a path up a tall hill.


I came home and sat on the deck with my fern books and saw some new arrivals to the lake.


There are A LOT of different ferns. I really have never looked to see the dozens of varieties. I also learned that the Horsetail is a Fern. No idea. Mind Blown.


There are all kinds of way to spend your free time. My favorite way is with a steamy mug, my camera, and my field guides. Smile


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  1. I sure do like ferns but have never lived anywhere to grow them. No shade in the yards. ;( I love the view from your deck!

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