Bass in Devils Lake!


Well, that’s a Western Grebe. The Grebe have returned! Quite a few of them. They seem pretty content hanging out in front of our house. We’ve also had numerous Blue Heron and White Egrets. I’ve remarked several times how many there are, how close they are to us, how crazy they are acting, etc. It’s been common to see 4-5 egrets and 3-4 blue herons within our yard and the neighbor’s area. I think we discovered why.  Bass.


This is the first time since 2009 that we’ve seen these bass in a juvenile stage. We’ve seen the eggs, we’ve been surprised by thousands of larva and frys, then – nothing. Last year a friend stayed on our dock all day long and finally caught and released a large adult bass.


. . .Until this weekend.  My son found a net at a garage sale. He wanted to try throwing it and practiced on our dock. Imagine his surprise when caught a few bass.




Little brother had to get in on the action. They spent a few minutes catching and releasing.




So – They really are here. Bass really do spawn and live in Devils Lake. Now we’ve seen all of the stages of life for them. I get it – that it’s not the same as their hay day. But they are there. Pretty sure the Grebe, Merganser, Egrets and Herons  know, too.



We’ll keep you updated!

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