Bird Schooling

Mostly a hobby photographer, with a strong desire to be a nature sketch journal-er, with an growing love of Orthinology  – my interests increase with each passing day. I am enjoying learning about bird identification, nesting, and migration. 

The first challenge that got me started? OHC 2011 Spring Bird Study  – “Spend your 10-15 minutes of outdoor time this week looking and listening for birds. You might try going out several times during the week at different times of day to listen and observe.”

This became my favorite outdoor activity. I can now hear their cheerful tune, the warning notes, the “food’s a comin’” call, get out of my space – I am just not that great at learning who is who up in the trees.   Listening for birds – instead of LOOKING for birds changed how many species I could find. As the notes changed, I could focus on a tree or branch, and could see a different flash of color – shape- bill – A New to me Bird!

When I just “looked”, I would report that we do not have any birds in our area. It takes time – outside – As soon as you go out – the “reporter” signals your arrival – for us it is either the Song Sparrow on the hedge, the crow in the tree, or the gull out of site.  After a while of being still, the Song Sparrow will issue an all clear note, and the frolicking will resume. The more you talk, the less you will hear. ;

Below are my birding lists – which I just started in February of 2011. I am working on how to organize the gallery below, these photos were taken in Lincoln County, Oregon, mostly at the Newport Dock 1 and East Devils Lake.

Tweet & See Posts : February 2011 * March 2011  Thumbnails may be clicked to see larger photo – photos below are from April 2011

3 Responses to Bird Schooling

  1. Heather says:

    wow! I love all these shore birds, I hope we will see some when we go to the Outer Banks this month. Thanks for particpating.

  2. Dawn says:

    I love how you are able to list yours as a photo journal. I am working on my photography skills and so want to add more pix to my tweet and see lists. Thanks for sharing! We always enjoy seeing the birds in your area.

  3. pebblekeeper says:

    I’ll be better in May to not post as many photos – but – I had 388 in the folder for April Birds. I am going to post 3-4 of one – if it shows bill color, crown color, chest color, etc. My son has been sketching them, and he needs different sides to see the detail.

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