Great Family Magazine

Have you been caught taking a peek at what BradJalina have been up to while waiting for the store clerk?  Flip through what you can make in 30 minutes?   Ever long for a better magazine? One that will encourage and inspire you as a mom?

This week I got to browse through the E-Magazine called Molly’s Money-Saving Digest from The Old Schoolhouse.

I was treated to a colorful issue full of step by step photos for cooking PIES, several kinds.  It was a January issue  – they not only talked about organizing for the new year but gave several simple efficient lists to keep track of clothes, meals, budgets – even a section on starting a checking account for older students. 

This morning I was  cleaning in my classroom, looking through a box of misc. photos, wondering what to do with them, I ended up putting them all in a large snow boot box. What a shame. All of those memories put away.  I won’t let you in on the secret, You’ll have to check out their magazine – but I can tell you that I will be working on getting the three easy products, found at any garage sale or thrift store or a stocked garage – and will being enjoying a routine of displaying our photos.  Thrillingly simple, amazing and easy.  Never seen it before. . . . Hate to leave ya hanging, but for $4.95 you too could have access to the great ways to make pie and hang your photos!

I know you will enjoy it, I am sitting by the window watching it rain, reading through these e-magazines.  Feels better than Farmville Planting! 🙂

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