Finders Keepers : Sea the Forest

The release of 300 Japanese Glass Floats is happening this weekend.  Also  happening this weekend is a High Surf Advisory.  Which sort of shuts in the Float Fairies. :)   This afternoon, a break in the weather came – low tide, evening, warmth, Glory!  After walking on the beach for about 10 hours, asking everyone we encountered if they had heard or seen of any findings – we found ONE person with a Japanese float.  Then, Nathan spotted a float a the same moment as someone else and wasn’t fast enough to reach down in time – So that was 2 Japanese glass floats and 1 Finders Keepers float for the day. Discouraged and a bit flustered by how it went down with the lady, the boys walked to the car while I gave the beach a one more time look over. 

Earlier – like 15 minutes earlier – Jon had been working on a fire near the spot that he had previously built a shelter. Wait, I think I have a picture of that day – p_00108 This is Abby, Ruby and Jon eating sandwiches in their house last week. p_00107

Se the log there? Behind the “yard”?  Jon was there playing, and then left to find me, and at the end of the log was the float. 🙂 I think they placed it there for him to find, but he left the wrong way.

So – After only taking two breaks in the day, after walking back and forth from 8:45 – 6:00 pm – I finally found my 2010 Finders Keepers ball in Lincoln City – at Taft – in a log. 🙂

The Yellow and Orange one was from today, the Red and Black one is Nathan’s.  The Three little ones are the ones we purchased for Christmas, and the two Japanese Glass Floats are the ones we found in Charleston, Oregon. 🙂 IMG_2166


BEEEE Utiful! #1500’s from the LCGC – Lincoln City Glass Center

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