A Thumbs up For Unschooling

What would happen, if you take a year off from schooling – academic curriculum – worksheets – hours of text books – daily lessons – tests and group classes?

What if you spent an entire year of your schooling – at the beach, at the lake, doing nature studies, reading what you like, writing what you want, learning what you want?

What would happen if you sleep til 10 every day – do math when you feel like it – and played Roblox all afternoon and late into the night?

What if you got to live life with a passion – pursue your interests, dig deep into a topic until you felt full –

What if the only daily training you had was in the Word, Discipline, and Character?

What if you fell behind?

What if you didn’t?

Nate just took his 5th grade/year test for the state of Oregon.  I told him to at least hit the bench mark – and that is all we needed.  His score this year – his ranking percentile – is over 20% more than it was last year.  And he said he made sure he got half of the questions right, then skimmed and guessed the rest – because he was tired and had not eaten since a late breakfast. He not only passed – but passed in flying colors a couple of grades higher than the state requirement.

What if you Soared? What if you remembered how you loved to learn? What if you remembered that you love to teach and show and share?  What if you lived a life of freedom? What if you never had to “do school” ever again – but learned to live a life of learning and adventure and excitement? 

What if?

On the testing side – when we tested the first time, Nate made several 0 percentiles on the test, it was after two years of doing sit down work at a desk with full subject curriculum. It really didn’t work for him.  Now, each time he has taken the test – he has raised his score – by quite a bit – each time.  Even if his score was still like the first year – I would be happy.  Once the state starts testing on the topics were covering – then I’ll start really caring about preparing for the test. This year Nate took it 2 months after “school” was out and with 2 days of prep notice, on a year that we spent less than 50 dollars on supplies.  Why can’t the school system figure this out?

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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7 Responses to A Thumbs up For Unschooling

  1. Suzanne says:

    I know the test scores have to be so encouraging. I’m trying to learn to let go of my ingrained notions about “school.” Learning can be much more enjoyable when it’s fun.

  2. Diane says:

    Sounds like heaven. We are so working toward this, I just need to learn to let more go and go with the flow.

  3. Hooray!! This is so encouraging!!

  4. Finally learning that our homeschool experience didn’t have to be modeled after the typical public school experience was a huge turning point for me and was even greater once I had the confidence to begin schooling the way I felt we were being led. My kids have learned so much more…and actually obsorbed it…since we started traveling. It has totally changed the way we learn. Great post!:)

  5. Taunya says:

    WTG! We are slowly learning that schooling doesn’t mean 8 hours. We did reading, math, history, spelling and bible in 45 minutes on the road today. The kids were “This is it?” YEP!

  6. Makita says:

    Love it! Way to go!! 😀

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