Is there Joy in your Summer Travel Journeys?

How to move from Electronic Travel to Anticipation Travel?

One of my Dad’s favorite lines is “The joy is in the journey, not the destination.”

But how do we get this joy back?

As much I feel that our family has a pattern down for great travel – I learned so much from an e-book  titled Travel Kits – that I started taking notes – and then was glad that I had the 93 pages downloaded for reference.  Things like

  • On page 20 is the Greatest Gift Ev-ar for a mom in the car. A little blue thing in the picture.
  • Page 22 has an idea of when to show the package – a little more fun for older kids.
  • Page 23 has a list of ideas of when to open packages
  • Then the ideas for the boxes goes on and on – for any age or price – but seriously, I’m never passing out #6 on page 28. That’s just nuts.
  • Page 35 has my favorite tool – and its free – and her ideas of how to use it are endless.
  • And then I realized I was only a third of the way through the book and didn’t have space to write
  • All the cool travel links
  • All the great travel food
  • All the fun theme kits that could be done for free
  • All the wrapping ideas.
  • Get the point?  Each page is filled with great ideas.

And we’ve been doing this idea for a long time.

Are you just starting out with road trips with young kiddos?  I was blessed to review the book Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others from the TOS Schoolhouse Store. But you can get a copy too!

Page after page of excellent Travel Kit Ideas.  Mozy on over to the website to read why they created this very cool collection of Travel Kits. Come on over to the TOS Crew Blog – to see more – and read what others thought too!


Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others

This E-Book is available for $12.45
at the TOS Magazine’s SchoolHouse Store 

The Product Website is <<HERE>>

Disclaimer: I received this product
free of charge
for review purposes
as part of the TOS Crew.

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9 Responses to Is there Joy in your Summer Travel Journeys?

  1. pebblekeeper says:

    For Blogger /Blogspot – I found that it could be set to Full or Short:

  2. Lisa says:

    Stopped by to read and say ‘hi’ fellow rock hound and crew mate! I enjoyed the pics on your other blogs. You are blessed with such scenary and learning experiences!!!

    I look forward to visiting more in the future!!!

    Rock on!

  3. I’m a member of the crew, too. I love the teasers in your review. They really make it interesting!

  4. momma2many says:

    Nice and clear. I tend to ramble, sometimes. I am with the older crew and you can find me, Penny @ I actually enjoyed your TMI answer, as I am such an extreme newbie. =) I am following your blog, now, and looking forward to checking back. Have a great day! Blessings, PK

  5. Great review!

    And thank you, thank you! for going full feed ~ so much easier to read your blog! =)

    • pebblekeeper says:

      OH You Noticed!!!!! I had no idea it was feeding excerpts, and I “subscribed” to myself on accident yesterday – I’ve spent a day trying to figure out why WordPress is set to Full Feed and Google Reader only feeds a few lines. The Answer is in FeedBurner. My Feeds were set for an Original Feed of just /rss . By adding a 2 at the end of /rss2 – Full Feed! Felt SOOOO Smart this morning. . . and a little fearful that the change would re-route subscribers – the boards were unclear if the subscribers would be lost by adding a 2 . . . . Too Much Information?
      For those moving to the front row of the class to hear better – Its feedburner –
      Click on “Edit Feed Details”
      On the line that says “Original Feed” add a 2 at the end of /rss – like this (com/feed/rss2/)
      Then click Save Feed Details. The 0.92 version does not support full feed, the 2.0 version does. Switching from RSS 0.92 to RSS2.0 did not lose subscribers, and it made one happy. 🙂

      FYI – I have several people in my reader that use excerpts in the feed (only seeing 4-5 lines of text) I seldom read those full articles. 🙂 This switch helped me move from 4-5 lines of text in a reader to the whole article popping up. Make sure your blogging platfrom of WordPress or Blogger is set to feed Full Story, not Summary. Ok. I think that’s as much TMI as I should put in an appropriate

      THANKS!!! answer that would have been enough. 🙂

      • Suzanne says:

        Angie, I want to know how to go full feed. Also, my pictures aren’t showing up in my feeds. Got any suggestions? I’d appreciate any help I can get since I haven’t been able to find the answer on the internet. Thanks!

      • Suzanne says:

        Okay, I figured it out. I tried to do the same thing but since I use blogger, it didn’t work for me. But I found out how to do it anyway. Thanks for the motivation to get that done for my own blog.

  6. Mrs. White says:

    Great job!!!

    Mrs. White

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