FLL Team Meeting #3 – The Project


Well – They did it again! Knocked my Socks Off!  Well, I don’t usually wear socks . . . . but if I did, they’d be off!

The Taco Force Team members each came to the meeting with a drawing that represented Taco Force – to use for a logo. We sure have a lot of future Graphic Artists out there! We voted to take the elements that we like from each drawing and combine them into one. We’ll play on the Auto Cad Sketch Pad for that this week. Did I mention that the majority of kids were eight and nine?

We set up the dining room to talk about the Project. I knew we had at least an hour of non lego classroom type chatter to get through. I was glad to see most of the parents were able to stay and hear the Project as well!!! I printed out the key parts of The Project from the FIRST FLL site and the kids really followed along great!


DSCN6534 DSCN6536

The kids drew bodies under the titles, Inside Body and Outside Body, then had a running list of Ideas in the third column. Their homework from last week was to come up with a body part that they would not want to stop working, break, need fixed, etc.


 DSCN6541 DSCN6544 

 DSCN6547 DSCN6545

We ended up choosing the Brain by vote from the Team Members. I’m off to plan field trips – their homework is to think about what problems might go wrong with the brain to talk about next week.  Next week we will break into three teams to work on The Project, Robot Building Skills, and learning the Missions better. We will hand out team member job titles like Programmer, Builder, Timer Watcher, and Encourager.  Our other part of homework is to come up with a team cheer, team motto, encouraging phrases and such that the Encourager can say while not actively building or writing or researching or programming. 🙂

We were asked by First FLL to submit a Video of a Team Meeting –

I think I should video more often – they’re pretty quiet for a group of young kiddos!

What are you doing with your Rookie team? What are you doing on your team that could help us?

Next week – Robot Building Skills!!!!


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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One Response to FLL Team Meeting #3 – The Project

  1. Blossom says:

    So neat. My son would absolutely love something like this. It’s too bad there isn’t something close by that does this or that we don’t know more people.
    Good job!

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