It as a dark and dreary day on the coast . .


The PERFECT weather to enjoy the kite festival – by ourselves. . . . But  – not the perfect weather to support the kite artists an vendors.  The beach was empty.  A few brave kite flyers and passers by stopped to watch. The rain was steady.  . . . . Our favorite part of the Kite Festival is the Kids Passport. The boys get to meet all of the kit flyers and get their signatures – after the full 16 sigs, they get a bag full of Lincoln City Loot.   This is our 3rd out door kite festival, 4th including the indoor fest in March. It is getting easier to fill out the passport as the are recognizing quite a few of the Kite Flyers.

 DSCN6559 DSCN6560

Which, sadly, was  a bit to easy this Kite Festival time –

 DSCN6558  DSCN6566  DSCN6573

We REALLY appreciate the few that got their kites completely full of sand.  Thank You!!!

We ventured over to the Lincoln City Cultural Center – when we got there a full crowd had gathered, but after Connor performed, they went off for lunch. Which, again, was PERFECT for us!  We got one on one time with our most favorite artists since the first Kite Festival in Lincoln City that we attended last year – Penny – who has a great heart for kids – who gives her time and possessions to make the kids feel like kite flying kings! She even offered to have TinkerBell Slain in the play this year if both of the boys participated. 🙂 We love Penny.  And – Amy and Connor.  A year ago, we were strangers in a strange town, watching an amazing display of kite flying – when a beautiful blond came on the scene and it was announced that she was from Bend, Oregon.  I felt blessed with the connection to the Doran Family. Amy says its been a full fun busy year – filled with good. 🙂 I am glad.

  DSCN6582  DSCN6590
Connor was our 16th signature. 🙂 Perfect. He’s just a great guy who loves kites. 🙂

DSCN6575 DSCN6595
Jon had fun making paper kites, then talking to Connor about the quads. Penny and Connor gave some Quad  lessons to those of us who braved the rain. Awesome! Remember the Running of the Bols from this summer?
 DSCN6604 DSCN6605
Isn’t she just the cutest?


We brave the rain to go to the Neskowin Valley School’s Harvest Party – but by then we were tired and cold.
A quick walk around and back to the car to do a little afternoon hunt.


How did this deer know that she was about 50 feet from the hunting line?

We found this pond? in the forest today. Primordial Oooze? We had voted on which family member should go down and swim in it to see if we’d get super powers, or death. Since the later seemed more likely – we left – creating great stories of the what if for the rest of the drive.

The rest of the evening was amazing. Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for dinner while watching Prince of Persia.  It was really a great story. I expected one more scene at the end, my family assured me it happened. Something about 20 ostriches and 10 horses of gold. I’m sure it happened. . . . . . .

What did you do on your Saturday? 🙂

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  2. Those pictures make me cold, just looking at them 🙂 But, is sounds like you made the most of day, despite the rain – and the ocean was still beautiful.

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