Crazy School Day

People ask what a typical school day is for us. I’m not sure that we have one. . . .  

The boy started today with a predawn drive into the woods with their dad to see if they could find a buck  – no luck this morning.


Then we looked up different NXT Robot instructions. I found one on Constructopedia that said it was a 15 minute build. The boys can assemble the Robot Car in less than 2 minutes. So – this week we will have a Robot Building Lab and each of our 8 team members will be able to build and disassemble a robot car. So far, none of them have even touched the NXT – so I think this should give them a successful experience.

We started a new English Curriculum today – The Write Foundation – It is for the next Crew Review – so I can only tell you the details on our review day – but I can tell you that we are looking forward to our activities tomorrow. . . .  While I waited for Jon to bring his math to the table, he was outside – and came in excited to show me –


Racoon Tracks going up and down our stairs. I’m thinking that he found our tomato plants. . . . I wondered if it was the Blue Jay that we saw taking the tomatoes. . . . .

We drove to town to take back the Prince of Persia movie, which was really amazing, when the boys found some feathers in our neighbor’s driveway – yellow tipped. We went to the recycle center first – I had no idea that they were playing with the feathers in the back seat until I came in tonight to download the raccoon tracks.


We stopped by the skate park in town on the way to the Block Buster return – to see how high the bouncy ball would bounce in the craddle of the skate park – I stayed in the car to work on my lesson for our bible study – A Woman After God’s Own Heart – when some skaters came to their car cursing. I zoned it out. I was being “spiritual” ya know.  I heard the one guy say several times, but she’s a mom. Right there. A Mom. She would know. And it dawned on me they were debating something, not just having them stop cursing cause I was parked nearby. I looked over and the other kid has a golfball sized swollen spot on his arm. They were from Salem, I gave him some Arnica Gel for his bruising, some advice that my doctor gave us a couple of months ago when Jon fell off the top bunk and had an identical looking lump, and a couple of motrin. They lived in Salem, so they promised to see someone when they got back. I prayed for his arm, then read the rest of my homework, that talked about being a christian woman being more than just reading and praying all the time. . . . . Glad I didn’t zone it out all the way.  . . . .:)

We came back to make Ree’s CoolWhip recipe of the day and some Green Chili Chicken Mexican Layer dinner (Mexican Chicken) – catch up on some Castle and get ready for Chuck tonight. . . . . Jon took a bike ride and Nate walked to the KOA to see who was camping there.

I’m typing this while the family watches Chuck, the boys went downstairs to watch something else when Chuck seemed to be centered around skimpy clothes in the tropics. . . . .

Standard Day? Typical Day? Math, English, Bible, Adventure, Walks, Family. Every day. The details of that? Different every day.

Today I actually had to ask my youngest son to get his fried chicken bones off of his math worksheet so I could read the next question.  What weird things do you hear your self saying that public school teachers probably never have to say . . . ?????

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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5 Responses to Crazy School Day

  1. pebblekeeper says:

    Let a chicken take a bath in onions, celery and garlic til his wing comes off when he waves at you.

    Prepare a bowl with cream of chicken soup, sour cream and a bottle of green chilis or Green Enchillada Sauce. Add thinly cut walla onions or sauted onions. (We have been making our own cream of soup with chicken broth, flour and a bit of milk. We used the broth from the bath water yesterday)

    De-bone the chickie. Chop as small as you like.

    Layer with corn tortillas cut in triangle pie shapes.

    Torts, Cream Sauce, Hand full of chicken, repeat. Put shredded cheese in as many layers as your hips and walking schedule allows.

    Top with as much cheese as you are willing to work off stacking wood.

    Hubby likes to make burritos with these with flour tortillas.

    Serve with saffron rice or mexi rice.

  2. Amanda says:

    What is your Mexican Chicken casserole like? Mmmm…I love Mexican. I like your days. Inconsistantly Consistant

  3. Makita says:

    I think those are Cedar Waxwing feathers 😀

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I wondered, not about them being wax wing, but thought to look them up to see the tail feathers of the Gold Finch – as while driving I couldn’t picture where the feathers would go. 🙂 Thanks!

      I forgot to mention the Lizard Math – and naming the lizard they found in the woods Snake-o cause he slithers like a snake. . . . he got released back last night.

      I also forgot our gutter cleaning party with Jon, and the bugs that we found in the pine cones in the gutter. Blech.

  4. Diane says:

    I am a somewhat new reader enjoying the posts. I am hosting a giveaway this week that you might be interested in. Come by and take a peek if you have a chance.

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