Real Help in Math and Science

Virtual Nerd is an online tutor for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Intro Physics.

If you have a child that is struggling with algebra lessons, physics problems and other math and science subjects, Virtual Nerd provides hundreds of interactive, video-based tutorials that offer a friendly, interactive and accessible way for students to learn.

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The videos are the best we have seen so far – they are on what they call a Dynamic White Board. I liked that next to the video, step by step was typed out on the left. You wouldn’t have to watch the whole video again, you could scroll through the steps.

Even in these 4 subjects offered – they have thousands of videos breaking down each tiny step.  I like the pricing options – for the day that your child is really frustrated – you could sign in with a $5.00 one time use – on up to $129.00 for three months.  This product was not specifically designed for the homeschool classroom – but rather for the individual Student.   We have looked into tutors in the past – when we’ve hit a wall – and would have loved this product.

My boys are not quite up to the level of this product, but they did look at the videos and were as impressed as I was. We will definitely keep this company in mind for our own use, and to recommend to struggling students in math and science!

Virtual Nerd Website – 

To read about how Virtual Nerd helped my fellow crew mates – check out the blog!

(I received free access to the entire site
in exchange for an honest review as a part
of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.)

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  1. Blossom says:

    Nice review. It is a great resource and I really appreciate the shorter increments for payment. Helps a lot.

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