Looking for Bible Curriculum that will Spark a Passion for the Word?

We had the amazing opportunity to review the Positive Action for Christ The Life of Christ study this winter as a part of our The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I was so utterly impressed with the packaging – the contents, how well the books are made, how beautiful and easy to understand all of the instructions – Just – Excited! 

If you have ever done a Ladies Bible Study workbook, the Life of Christ is sort of laid out the same way – only it is 35 lessons long, instead of a Lady’s Bible Study normal of 10-12. So – the book is a bit thick, but each lesson is easy to do in a week.

When I started to look through the study – I was a bit curious if my 12 year old son would really be able to do it – it would be by far the most challenging thing he has done so far, literature wise. Then, I saw in the teachers helps that younger students could do it – but the focus was for the high school grades. I am positive Nate could have done this as part of a youth group/Sunday School class.

I asked if he would like to try it – and he said yes. – He worked on it for a couple of weeks, keeping his answers in a cute little notebook (Does he read this? Am I allowed to say Cute Little Notebook? ) and discussed his findings with just about everyone that would listen. I think I saw him talking to the mail man about it. . . .Pretty cute. (Did I just say cute again?)

Here is what Nate has to say –

I think it is a great way to do a unit a week to learn about the Gospel of John.

The first lesson when they were doing the facts about John, I think it is really cool that the word Faith is not mentioned in John even though he is writing so that you will believe in Jesus. The word believe is used almost 100 times in John and only about 40 times in the other three gospels.

I think the study was a little harder because I’m not as old as the book is for – but I think it would be good for 10th graders. Some of the paragraphs were difficult to read and understand, I would want to do this again when I am older and it is more enjoyable.

Some of the questions – Who wrote the book of John, then they made me do three pages of looking it up, when it was clearly John – I didn’t understand why they did that. 

I like the feel of the book and they way it looks cool. I just like the whole thing. I enjoyed the weeks that I did it. If I had to choose between two different studies, I would pick this one. This is just a great study! (Photos taken by Nate)

DSCN0596I am definitely holding on to this tool – he has  a pretty full load and is half way through another bible study right now, so we will put it on the shelf for a while – but he will definitely pick it up – and I will share the materials with his group leaders at church. If you are looking for a curriculum that is fun, challenging, extremely well made,  – I would head on over to Positive Action for Christ – they have quite a few options for all age levels!

I received:

Teacher’s Manual (ssk1310)
From the Gospel of John
by Frank Hamrick
342 pages

The teacher’s manual includes:

  • 35 lessons (one lesson per week)
  • Plans for 3, 4, or 5-day a week Bible classes
  • Full copy of student’s manual with answers
  • Reproducible quizzes and unit tests that use a variety of testing techniques
  • Overhead transparency masters
  • 342 pages


Student’s Manual (deluxe edition) (ssk1300)
From the Gospel of John
by Frank Hamrick
35 lessons
$17.95 (In Stock)
$15.95 if you purchase 5 or more

The student’s manual includes:

  • Content age-appropriate for middle school or high school
  • Illustrations and notes from the teacher’s lesson
  • An introductory section with reading and homework to be completed in advance
  • Additional student research for each lesson
  • A Digging Deeper section with further ideas for expanding each lesson
  • A recommended reading list
  • Original artwork to introduce each lesson
  • Full-color pages with charts, maps, and photos
  • 8 x 10 inch size
  • 277 pages

Request a catalog and see their great products!

Positive Action for Christ

The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew – Join us to see the details and what the other Crew members are saying about this great product!  http://homeschoolblogger.com/homeschoolcrew/783637/

(I received these materials for free for my honest review of their product .
I highly recommend this company!)

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3 Responses to Looking for Bible Curriculum that will Spark a Passion for the Word?

  1. Tonya says:

    We really loved this program too! 🙂

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  3. Mrs. White says:

    Great job!!

    Mrs. White

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