Fun Week For the Family



The birds are plentiful on the Devils lake this January. I long for a sunny afternoon to sit on the dock with a clipboard – counting, watching, naming.  The float just out of my sight line, I need to sit quietly with the binoculars. One  little fella – George, the White Egret likes to hang out by the road – He’s pretty cool.



Our Brother and his son came over to see us – in their visit time we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Each time we go we see something new. Love it! Jon has learned he can piggy back on Nate. Love that!


An artist from the Bandon, Oregon area collected debris for a couple of weeks in the Bandon Area, about 136ish miles south of us – they made some really incredible creations to put on display. Strangely we have beach combed enough that we could piece together much of what they had found through our experience.  It is not often that we have a huge trash debris line, usually a couple of days after a storm that has been blowing just the right way – but my son really likes walking the line. We have gathered many a bag of garbage.


Not sure if I’ve introduced the hubby to you much on line here – Isn’t he a cutie?


He loves going places with the boys on his days off. Right now he and Jon are at the pool, so I have some spare time to read and type. Smile  He went with us today on our errands and to the beach. I am so blessed to have such a great hubby and the boys are blessed to have such a great dad!


We love this little guy. He’s so cute!


I really liked this turtle, it was in the entrance to the Shark tank. LOVE!


I was taken back by this poster – first of all, if there was a cataclysmic event that created fossils out of plastic, then, um, I wouldn’t be around anyway. A definition on line for fossils says “A fossil is the prehistoric remains of a plant or animal. Fossils are typically preserved when they are buried under many layers of sand and mud. Under great pressure the sand and mud become sedimentary rock. Minerals seep into the fossil replacing the organic matter and creating a replica in stone.”  I always cringe at the word Pre-Historic. Pre- History. Pre – When anyone wrote anything down. I wish they’d come up with another term for – “We can’t explain it so we’ll tag it as Pre-Historic and make something up”. I pray that the Lord does not tarry for the time it would take to have these plastic bits in sedimentary rock, and then washed ashore.


This is Flip Flop Fish. The spines are flip flop forms.  Pretty incredible. We see tons of the white foam material they made the coral out of.


Playing with the sharks in Free Willy’s old tank.




We were lucky enough to hear about the $6.00 special – a $6.00 yearly pass that is available in December to see the Undersea Gardens, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum attractions.  Normally – each attraction runs over 11 dollars per person per visit. Wa Hoo. So – I got to spend a little time with Jack Sparrow.


The view from the entrance to the Undersea Gardens, with the Newport bridge in the background. The boys thought they’d get to see the river bottom underneath, but it is a large metal holding tank, in a circle, that you can walk around. Pretty dingy – dark- and – dirty. They have a seat area that I got to take a break in. I could see us stopping by here to watch the patterns of the fish. It would give a pretty good vantage point to really see their behavioral patterns, and with the price – without a lot of interruptions. Smile

I’m a bit late for the Animal Antics – and I haven’t posted our goings with the Field Trip Friday Report – But I’ll link this to their two blogs:

Join the Traveling Praters at Live the Adventure as they visit Dolly Parton Statue –

Join Dawn at Guiding Light Homeschool and see the Animal Antics!

Where have you been lately?  Does your husband read your blog? I don’t get any brownie points for saying he’s a hottie or a good dad. He’s never read the blog! Smile

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5 Responses to Fun Week For the Family

  1. mominah says:

    i loved going to all those attractions, i loved the tubes of fish, but i had jack first!!!!! 🙂 i really need to come back agian. i wish i had known about the passes i would have purchased one.

  2. Amazing post! Excellent pictures and lots of information. Thank you! [It’s hard to believe that fish is all trash…sad on one hand but super neat on the other.] Thanks for linking up!

  3. It looks like a nice aquarium! The boys love our local one, but it’s kind of small. We plan to go to the one in Mystic, CT this summer.

    My husband liked my blog on facebook last month. He’s a sweetheart. He’s also a great Dad. We’re lucky, aren’t we?

    I was nodding as you described your reaction to the poster. I spend far to much time in my life trying to have these sorts of discussions.

    Oh, and great for you for finding out about those $6 tickets. How perfect! you look great with Jack!

  4. Tonya says:

    Love the picture of your husband! 🙂 My hubbie doesn’t read my blog either because I read everything to him before it’s posted! LOL Well, not everything…but nearly.

    The Oregon Aquarium sounds wonderful, I love all of your pictures- as usual. 🙂
    The art work is wonderful, I love to see unique pieces like that.

  5. Blossom says:

    We love the Oregon Aquarium…but we’ve only been once. I would go a million more! Great pics 🙂 And my hubby doesn’t read my blog…he just says I’m to keep him off of it 😉 No photos of my cutie 😦 too bad lol!
    Have a great weekend!

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