Need a Brush up on the Multiplication Tables?

We took a break with the Math during the month of December after both boys had conquered math skills that had once been challenging to them when we received an offer through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew to use  City Creek Press’s product– Times Alive.

We had just received an iBook from my dad and I had been having trouble finding software that would run on it. I’m sort of a Windows/Google Die Hard . . . and the Times Alive Software – has an  Instant Download for the Mac $44.95.  So – I got to try out the iBook and the product! Woot!

We decided that each boy would create an account on the Times Alive software – and review their times tables in a fun way with music and rap – approx. 18 lessons – and then move forward in their math books. What a great refresher! I couldn’t think of a faster easier way to memorize the multiplication tables – especially giving mom a break in the middle – no flash cards or drill. 

Having a disabled student with dyslexia – I cringe at new products- but this one is totally student led, easy to follow through the prompts. We asked the boys to use the software for 20 minutes a day.  Nathan quickly went through the program, and cut his time dramatically, quickly recalling his math facts.  Jon went through a week later – and still struggled with some of the higher 6,7,8 fact groups.  After I looked at his Progress Report, I could clearly see that he had only listened to the videos half of the way through. We created a new account for him and he started over. Now, he is finishing his tests with 100% and a time of less than a minute.  Listening to the songs, all the way through, really retains the multiplication facts in their memory.

City Creek Press has a channel on You Tube on which you may see videos like this one –  I challenge you to keep your toes flat and fingers non snappy by the end.  Oh, those Thirsty Sixes!

City Creek has a great web site – but for those of you who enjoy the paper I did see  a spot to order a Free Catalog

I read the review to the boys just now – and they didn’t have anything to add or take out – They both enjoyed the program. I didn’t have any struggle getting them to use it.  And the proof is in the pudding – both boys have benefitted in their math books by having the multiplication tables quickly refreshed on their memories.

Come and see what the other Crew Mates have said today about Times Alive! –

Disclaimer – We received a free download of the Mac Version of the Times Alive Software in exchange for our honest opinion. Although it may have been a bit young for my 7th grade boy – he enjoyed the break from his “harder” work, and it did help him refresh, and my younger son – 4th grade – enjoys it. They have talked about learning the 1234, 3×4 = 12 and 5678, 7×8 is 56 and other “tricks” for their math. 

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3 Responses to Need a Brush up on the Multiplication Tables?

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  2. Tricia says:

    I’m going to look into this! May be just the thing we need. Thanks!

  3. I’ll have to check that out for Ki. we are taking our math break this month. Ki really struggles with it and will need some major review. He might like that- it seems tohave a story-telling-feel to it. He likes that. THANKS for sharing

    (Our latest Forensic Science Activity:

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