Times Tables the Fun Way

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Times Tables the Fun Way Singing StorybookJudy over at City Creek Press, Inc. sent me a note to let me know that Times Tables the Fun Way Singing Story Book is up and running on iTunes. It is the same book as our famous, award winning, Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids which teaches the 0’s – 9’s multiplication facts by using stories and cartoons.  But, the Singing Book includes the catchy tunes: Songs to Remember Times Tables sung by Tessie Snow.

You may remember that we used Times Tables the Fun Way at Petra School two years ago – here is our very short review – (we were just learning back then). 

I can let you know that even two years later, many of the phrases in the songs can be heard around our table at math time.  They are catchy.  The graphics are colorful and make an imprint on the memory with the music and words.

We used this program for a month, taking a break from our math curriculum.  I would recommend this program to  ANY family, no matter how or where your children learn math. It is quick and easy to implement each day. I have not seen the iTunes or Amazon variety yet, but the system we used had the video, then practice, and the child works their way through the program. It is easy to see what work at which levels they have completed.

Take a look at Times Tables the Fun Way Singing Story Book over at iTunes – I am glad that they have set the price at under 10 dollars. The system I used was near $45.00. This makes the system affordable for every family.

Disclaimer: I was asked to share the iTunes option with my reader by Judy at City Creek Press.
I will receive a coupon for a free download for this post.

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