Home School Families FOUND in Lincoln City!

We moved from Central Oregon to the Central Oregon Coast – From Homeschoolers a Plenty to Homeschoolers a Few.  It was quite the adjustment for the boys and I – but it has been good. We have made many friends in the community – of all ages – all educational backgrounds. I think the adjustments of meeting and making same age friends would be the same for any town that we moved to. Different cultural pockets of peers and marketing – create different interests and passions – sports – clothing – hair styles –

However – this week – we found Homeschoolers A Plenty again!  We had heard of the Christian Home Educators of the Central Coast back in October/November – but we were in the thick of Lego League and it created a time conflict for many of the meetings.  This January – we sought them out – and hooked up!  The first Co-Op that we got to attend was last week.

Home School Lincoln City, Oregon

Gathering with 29 families, we listened to a homeschool dad talk about his job at the Port with Customs and Boarder Patrol.  He got specific on some of their questions  – What is the weirdest, cute-est, strangest item found – stories of peril and laughter alike. He was so patient with the questions that did not run out before the time did! There are ten 13 year old boys, and quite a few 10 year old boys! Eight of the boys were present on this day.

Boys Homeschool Newport, Oregon

The one homeschool boy that they have been friends with  – also moved over from Central Oregon on the same week that we did – both dads moving to the Central Oregon Coast for a job change – they discuss a question topic with him here above – it was his mom who set us up in the group after a ballet class introduced her to the group! Woot!

Depoe Bay Oregon Home Educators

Lincoln City Oregon Home EducatorsWe get the “What about socialization?” question a lot. Even in this town of Lincoln City and Newport, Oregon – pockets of homeschoolers exist.  We have met many of them.  What we found this year – was finding the boys closer to the adult mentors that came into their lives – which I have seen has been to the good of the entire family.  But – Sometimes there is the “What about prom?” question.  Which sort of starts with – What About Valentines?  Have no fear – even last year – we were hooked up with several beautiful boys and gals with whom to exchange cards – this year – it  is just more. Winking smile

Moms got to chat, while bags were stuffed, and the boys engaged in a Nerf war like I’ve never seen before!

Christian Home Educators of the Central Oregon Coast is an informal, interdenominational gathering of families dedicated to providing social opportunities and structured activities that enhance the home schooling experience.  It began in the fall of 1992 and as with any healthy organization has changed over the years depending on the interests and talents of the parents leading the class and on the input of the children. 

If you are looking for a homeschool group on the Oregon Coast – in Newport, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay or Pacific City – send me an email – I have the contact information you will need pebblekeeper@gmail.com .

Nathan is working on a science experiment behind me – as I type – for entry into the Science Fair on March 3rd.  I love Homeschoolers!

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4 Responses to Home School Families FOUND in Lincoln City!

  1. Kathey Edwards says:

    We are moving to Lincoln City Oregon tos late Spring with a 9 year old homeschooled boy…. Do you know of a possible pen pal to assure him there are kids to be friends with ?

  2. Crystal says:

    So great to have a new homeschool family in the area! Welcome!

  3. Nicole says:

    Posted this to my facebook page so that some of these families can catch your great blog! Welcome…we’re so glad you’re here!

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