iPod Touch 4g Apps for Homeschool Boys?

We have a little secret – The boys do/did not have any video games.   There. It’s out. No X Box. No Wii. No Play Station.  Before you go off to speed dial children services – know that they have had them in the past. We’ve had just about every system out there. They play with them for a week, then never touch them until a friend comes over. About 5 years ago or so they got into the DS Lite. Same thing – they only play them when a friend is over. We do have one DS, with one game, somewhere. Jon has been trying to sell it online for a few months now – to buy an IPod Touch.

They have been convinced for a couple of years now that their life would be complete if they only had an iPod Touch.  If Only. Based on their past history with video games and their lack of desire to listen to music – I have been Mrs. Kill Joy No Sayer.  Never mind the fact that purchasing two iPods has been out of our budget for the last couple of years…..

Bring on Christmas. They asked for cash instead of toys. It was a weird Christmas – They saved all of the family monies from the mail – and from us – and put it in their savings account for an iPod Touch.  Hmm. Maybe they do want one?

IMG_0080This week we had the last of the monies needed – and quickly drove to the local mart! Joy Abounds at Petra School!


We came home and asked everyone we know what their favorite iPod Touch app is for their kids – #1 seemed to be Angry Birds. The boys like Facebook, Netflix, and Talking Tom.


IMG_0086I like the Kindle App – and the fact that it has a really decent screen for reading my Google Blogs – It is hard to comment – but I can read!

Here is a screen shot of Treasure Island, Nate was reading it last night.  Yeah!




We can know what the temperature is – check the email – check Facebook – and strangely enough – listen to music. The Netflix app loads faster than our computer does!  We did a lot of research and found out that the 4.0 was quite a bit more advanced than the 3.0 – so – since we havn’t purchased a video game in 5 or 6 years, we boosted it up to the 4th generation iPod Touch but went with the 8gb.



After 24 hours of downloading dictionaries and free games – the boys came up with a favorite app – Lego Instructions.  They were down flinging legos all over the basement and came up with – Chickens and Hens.  Seriously. Wow. Money well spent. . . . .


Do you have an iPod or iPhone?  What is your favorite app? As a mom? For the kids? Entertainment? For Homeschool? Where do you download books? I am considering purchasing iBird. Anyone use it? I can’t find the name of the stargazer app – that knows your location and tells you what is in the sky? Please comment with your favorite app!


List from Facebook:

  • Card Star,
  • Angry Birds,
  • Carcassonne,
  • Plants vs Zombies,
  • Zombieville
  • Bouncedown,
  • DragonDash,
  • Flight Control,
  • Hungry Shark,
  • Avatar,
  • Dragon’s Lair,
  • Pandora,
  • Kindle,
  • Awesome Note,
  • 2Do,
  • mGifts,
  • Groceries,
  • Geocaching,
  • Talking Tom (Talking Robbie, Bird, Santa, Dino) &
  • Olive Tree Bible Reader

  • Hip Homeschool Hop ButtonHello, Hip Homeschool Moms!
    I Look forward to Hearing about your Apps!

    I have a friend who has a new E-Magazine – Check out the first issue – The Christian Home.



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    13 Responses to iPod Touch 4g Apps for Homeschool Boys?

    1. Tricia says:

      Angry birds invaded our house via Hodgepodgedad a few weeks ago. Now it is eldest GIRL’s favorite too 🙂 Loving all this great info!

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    3. Staci says:

      My 7 year old DS loves Shrek Cart, Angry Birds & Skype–I have a paid skype account that forwards to my mobile phone, fyi, so when he has access to a wi-fi connection he can REALLY call me. With the 4g, they (my DS7 & DD 9) have made several video “reports,” and posted them to youtube to share.

      My DD9 loves having access to her calendar. I can send them invites from my gmail account, they accept them and viola!, they appear on her own calendar.

      They both love to use Timer+ for various things, such as assigned reading as well as the Amazon Kindle app for reading. We also use SpeedMath.

      The best tool of of so far for us has been the Wikipedia App that allows you to download an entire encyclopedia, so they can look things up on the fly, without an internet connection.

      They have been everything I expected for their use for school:)

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    5. Makita says:

      Lego! Oh .. I have to get that App! BTW – do you have suggestions for starting a Lego club/league for youngers (7-9) … a new mom here is thinking of starting one (not me!) but I said I’d help. I’ll have to browse your archives. 🙂

      • pebblekeeper says:

        ORTOP – the Oregon Group
        FIRST Lego League
        Has a Jr First Lego League for ages 6-9. Although the FLL is for ages 9-14, I’d recommend the 9 and younger 10’s to help wiwth the Jr First Lego League. Next year’s theme is FOOD. This year it was Biomedical Engineering. (Simple as a band aid – complex as – brain implants to help with seizures) I think next year’s theme will be easier for the youngers to wrap their brains around. We love the FLL’s philosophy of how to learn, and how to mentor.

    6. Mary says:

      We have iPhones and an iPad. My kids use the iPad A LOT for Homeschooling! Here goes!!

      1. Geomaster — great for memorizing states and capitals!
      2. Math Bingo — FUN!
      3. Home Routine (for mom)
      4. Angry Birds (of course)
      5. Paper Toss
      6. Math Flash Cards (love that I can keep a record of my students and they can take timed 100 problem tests. Great for drilling)
      7. lots of free books in the iTunes store — our favorite right now is The Burgess Bird Book and the Burgess Animal Book)
      8. Flight Control
      9. Traffic Rush
      10. PULSE — this is the way I read my blogs — LOVE IT!

      I’m new to your blog — coming from the HHH. Glad I found you.

      • pebblekeeper says:

        Free Burgess??? That’s awesome. I hadn’t even looked for free books in the iTunes store! WOOT! We had downloaded a couple of free Burgess for Ambleside, but since technically it’s Jon’s iPod that I’m using most, I havn’t downloaded alot of books yet. .. . but Burgess would be fun! The rest sound great too!

    7. Tiffany says:

      For education: Dictionary and Flashcards (we can make our own flashcards and upload them to the app)

      For Mom: Besides Facebook and Pandora which were already mentioned, I use Flixster, Around Me, Living Social, Groupon, Nike+GPS (for running), and Zombie Farm 🙂

      Kids: Words with Friends, Wee Mee, Pirate Nation, Infinity Blade (actually, that one is for my husband), Plunderland, Fruit Ninja, Osmos, and any of the “makers” (cake maker, snowman maker, pizza maker, etc…. I have little girls)

      For stargazing, we use Go Sky Watch Planetarium.

      Have fun! We all love our ipods/iphones/ipads around here.

    8. My son (5) got an iPod Touch for Christmas and we both love it. Here are some of our favorites:

      World Wiki+
      Brain Pop
      Stack the States
      Khan Mobile (video classes, esp. math)
      Pocket Zoo
      Google Earth

      Rory’s Story Cubes
      Yahtzee Advance
      Toy Story Mania

      For Mom:
      Dropbox (online storage)
      TED Mobile
      Ancestry (mobile family tree)
      Remember the Milk (to do list)

    9. mominah says:

      well . i use facebook app and starbucks app LOL…. i use the dex alot when i am on the go and my bank. Bank of america, groupon, and the kids should love webmd, thats cool, dictionary comes in handy, as i dont know how to spell worth a dime LOL…tv guide is cool so i can see whats on cause i have the cheap cable 🙂 and medscape… i love my iphone couldn’t survive without it.

    10. The Google Sky Map is for the android. I can’t believe there isn’t something that you can put on your iPod. I just did a search and here is what I found:
      Not sure if it will work or not for you.

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