Fish Tacos

Hubby picked up 2 boxes of 44 count Van de Kamp’s 100% Whole Fillet Crunchy Fish Sticks (Click link for a review of the product) this week for $6.00 total.  The boys told him that I was craving Fish Tacos.  I haven’t had a good Fish Taco since we left Central Oregon (Longboard Louie’s and Bend Fish Company – How I miss you!!!)

The trouble with ordering a fish taco – is that you are running a gambling risk. Will you go to Taco Del Mar and get old re-heated spongy fish sticks?  Will the restaurant try to “tweek” the recipe?  I had Fish tacos this week at the Izzy’s in Newport, Oregon and I really couldn’t make it through half of it. Re-heated nasty fish flakes on a horrid bed of condiments. Sigh. And the cost?  You’re lucky if you find one for under $2.50. And I want 10 of them . . . .

Back to Hubby’s Find – an idea that I’m sure I read about on one of my morning blog strolls –  Fish Tacos!


Prepare a good Fish Taco Sauce (see below for a simple one) Shred some Cabbage, chop some tomato and onion – warm a corn tortilla – add a couple of crispy 100% whole fillet fish sticks – and Whal-ah!


Quiet Teenagers with their mouths full! WOOT!


A kid going back for seconds on a great meal – knowing that 44 of these babies only cost $3.00 – and you need 2 per taco (or apparently 4 or 1 if you are a teen boy) – That’s 22 tacos.  Woot!  And we ate them all.

You can do a web search on Fish Taco Sauce – but most people have these ingredients:

White Sauce from the Food Network, Fisherman’s Market and Grill:

How are you saving money on the food budget this week?

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7 Responses to Fish Tacos

  1. Christine says:

    This is such a great idea…and they look good too!

  2. Briana says:

    Those look good and easy to make. Teen boys need a lot of food!

  3. Honey says:

    Girl we’ve gone old school and I mean like 1800’s grind your own grain, cut up your own chicken and ferment your own cheese old school…. I’ve started doing . It’s all about traditional foods, home cooking and learning the whole foods meat eating way. As a former vegan I’m inept in the meat and dairy cooking department. But…I’m learning with Wardeh and it does seem as if we’re starting to eat cheaper….

    I do her menus as they’re easy, quick and with homeschooling the kids, therapy for two, finishing up the house to put it on the market it’s really nice to have something all planned out and still be healthy, affordable and rewarding to so many of my beliefs/values.

    I highly recommend Wardeh’s program. There’s all kinds of amazing things to learn and I’ve been organic/whole foods for more than 10 years. I REALLY recommend it if you’re saving money and eating healthier.



  4. Michele G says:

    I had never heard of fish tacos until last year! These look yummy and easy to make. We will be trying these in the near future!

  5. Heather says:

    ok, I know you are not going to believe this, but one of my goals for the year is to eat some fish tacos, at a restaurant (I figured I could not make them). I had no idea is was so difficult to find good ones. But, I certainly know how to buy some fish sticks, so once I am over this stomach bug, this will be added to next week meal plan. Thanks:)

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