Little Trip to Bob’s Beach Books – Blogs in Print

I headed back to Bob’s Beach Books this morning to pick up a fun new to me find – Passionate Slugs and Hollywood Frogs. The review on the back cover says it is a “charming off beat book”. There are not a lot of drawings – it is mostly really clever and informative text.  Each chapter highlights a local occupant, from the Pacific Tree Frog to the Chickadee to the American Crow to Mosquitoes and Pillbugs to Blackberries English Ivy, Queen’s Anne’s Lace and Red Alders. Even touches on Rainbows and Constellations.  What a great addition to my Nature Guide Shelf.

They also had a copy of Cake Wrecks for 40 percent off since the spine had been damaged in shipping. WOOT!

I got to see a copy of Black Heels as well.  What a fun day to see the books from my favorite blogs!

(I also took a moment to make sure my friend and I were not featured in the People of Walmart Book. Whew. I didn’t see us) Edited Addition – OH! Sorry Friends – I have only seen a couple of these on Facebook, and the book in the store today – Although I’m now on page 10 of their website with tears of laughter in my eyes – um, I really should post a Do Not Read if you are a G Rated gal. 10 Really funny crazy outfits – to 1 or 2 crude pictures to scroll quickly past, but they are there.

A trip to Robert’s Books (Used Books), quick peeks at the ocean waves, another stop in at Rockfish Bakery for an americano and a trip to our local mart to get some fresh drug store items, lotions, shampoo, toothbrush, eyeliner. How long has it been since I bought mascara? Is there even any color on the stick anymore? Living in a fog for months really creates dust in the ol medicine cabinet! 

Although exausted from a total day out doors yesterday – I am feeling like taking care of myself. Love that.

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4 Responses to Little Trip to Bob’s Beach Books – Blogs in Print

  1. I might never shop at Walmart again. Wow!

  2. Blossom says:

    Lol well, I meant about the Passionate Slugs and Hollywood Frogs book 😉 Your blog always captivates 🙂

  3. Blossom says:

    Well, I can’t say that the title would have captivated me 😉

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am however captivated by the people of walmart …. sorry can’t share that site on my blog (my blog is G-rated, ya know! lol)
    I’m secretly (oh, man, secrets out!) looking for myself (or my sister) in the photos. I’m just about to fall off of my chair too…

    • pebblekeeper says:

      I’ve only seen a couple of them posted on Facebook. I was dying in the bookstore looking through the book though . . . Glad you peeked at my post even with the boring title. Sometimes I’m not spunky in the beginning.

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