Spring Fishing

I haven’t been posting many Lake Schooling posts – We are enjoying the lake immensely this pre-spring, just not photographing as much. We spent some time out on the lake this week. The weather took a break for us!

Currently though, as I am writing these very words, the calm lake you are about to journey on is rough with 2-3 foot waves. Winking smile

We like to put on the Water Proof gear to kayak in the winter. Nate dons Darren’s Grunden’s from way back in his Commercial Fishing Days.  I wince a little, at my baby boy, my first born. Those bibs aren’t even pulled all the way up, and they are above his ankles.   Nate says that there are quite a few tiny fish under the dock. We have heard that this particular area is a Bass Breeding Spot. Which was evidenced by the overabundance of fishermen last year.  I think I’ll open a Hot Biscuit and Gravy stand on the dock this year.


The weather was BEEE u Tea Ful when we went out – Blue Sky. Silky Mirror Water.


But as soon as y’all see those little ripples, ya know it’s coming. Another storm front.


We saw this packing in from the west and headed back inside.


Nate took just a minute more. I often wonder what he ponders out there. He often says, Nothin’. Or that he’s following a bird.  Here is a shot taken the same day about 40 minutes later.


May I never miss
a Sunset or a
because I am
looking down.
– Sara June Parker.

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3 Responses to Spring Fishing

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  2. Beautiful pictures – but it sounds like it might be a good day to head inland! Hope the big waves from Japan avoid the coast.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      So far so good today – What the Media isn’t telling – is that we are in a Low Tide time, the tide is out 300 feet or more, and we have 300 foot high cliffs almost all over the Oregon coast line. Yes, if the surge were to not get stopped by the coral reefs off shore, then there are a few low lying spots to be careful of – and it is not a good day to walk the water line or take photos of the tide pools today with unexpected high swells all afternoon. A good day for sneaker waves for sure. 😉

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