Mondays are for Pi and Bird Feeding


Oh the Joy. We started off Pi Day with a delivery from FedEx dropping off my new Lumix Panasonic DMC-ZS6 at about 7:30 a.m.  I was so thrilled! After two hours of charging the battery I went around taking photos.

We headed to the beach with some left over bread – a perfect way to try to identify the Gulls.  Now, Normally, it really rubs me the wrong way when we are enjoying a perfectly good day at the beach and some crazy person starts throwing out crackers.  Oh the noise. Not to mention the droppings. I like my gulls spread out all over the beach, not congregating together.   . . . With that said – the boys won out on the best way to identify these ?Western? Gulls. Still not quite sure.



Walking on the deck I saw a flitter in the Sitka Spruce in front of the house, turning around I saw this little tiny bird jumping the branches that reach over the house.  After a download it looks like a Black Capped Chickadee.  Added it to the March Bird List. Smile


We learned of a little gravel road that lies beside a marshy forest stream full of otters and beavers – so we took the boys up to check it out. We saw Robins, Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons, Beaver eaten Trees, and this gal – She let us pull right up and take a photo.


A few morsels on a stormy weekend – still against my desire to feed the birds, but good gravy. The joy. It was blowing 30-40 miles per hour with gusts up to 70. See the sand to the right?  The whitish stream up there? That’s blowing sand.  Sand Blasted my toes off. But the Joy. Of the boys together. What can ya do?


This was the site I woke up to find this morning.  I put out a larger feeder, hoping to host more guests – but I forgot the type of guests we would find. . . . I think I’ll go back to our tiny feeder. Winking smile But he is a cutie little chipmunk!


And what Pi day wouldn’t be complete without some Pie? A chocolate mouse, with a side of our favorite Cream Cheese/Sugar/Whip Cream confection . . . .

I think the gulls are Western or Californian, or ? I’m going with Western, unless one of y’all know the difference.

Oh. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new camera. I can zoom to any object in my line of clear site. The colors and details are amazing. It is small and slender. Oh. the Joy. I hope none of y’all are on dialup. . . . (By the way – I post all of my pictures Straight Out of the Camera. Sometimes an exposure help, or a quick crop, but this mom likes to take her play time taking pictures, not playing with photos. Winking smile  )

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5 Responses to Mondays are for Pi and Bird Feeding

  1. Diane says:

    Love the picture of the deer. The color contrast is beautiful with the green in most of the fore front.

  2. what GREAT Pictures!

    and YUMMY looking pie!!

  3. Great shots of the birds — and that doe!

  4. Lovely photos. I especially like the one feeding the gulls. Wonderful. Yummy looking Pi, I mean pie.

  5. Amanda says:

    So thrilled for your new delivery, snapshots give mama an extra reason to get out and slow down, live the minutes. And amazing wildlife in your photos!!

    We have seagulls too, they cry loud and long all night. I need to look it up…mating? 🙂

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