Watercolor Class

We were able to participate in a co-op watercolor class this week south of Lincoln City. The biggest problem facing us with these classes is the location. It is about 24 miles away, but it always seems to take us 40 minutes to get there.  I think it is the drive. So distracting.


For 40 + Fabulous minutes we have to drive along side this.  I’m not sure that even $7.00 per gallon for gas would diminish this trip. Well. Let’s not see . . . But I’m imagining that one would not even think of gas prices as you drive along this stretch of Hwy 101.


The class started promptly at 9:30.  And we would have made it. But we HAD to pull over and watch the spout for a moment. So – we were 5 minutes late. Sorry.


I think we’ll have to leave for class around 7am to get there by 9:30 from now on. 


But this view – after almost 2 years without a homeschool co-op – is more amazing than the Depoe Bay Spout.


Most of the older boys were on a part two field trip – they didn’t think Nate would get into it since he hadn’t been to the first, so he stayed with brother in the class, a couple of his older friends stayed also.


The teacher was fantastic. One hour was spent on technique, using the brushes – The second hour painting the landscape of the ocean.  The boys did really well and enjoyed it!


I pulled over a few more times on the way home.



I think there should be:  A 101 overpass that we can just drive down the coast on . . . quickly & 37 more pull outs on the Scenic 101 road. Winking smile








It’s a wonder we even get to class at all . . . . I love living on the coast!

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1 Response to Watercolor Class

  1. Tricia says:

    Aaaa. Thanks. So enjoyed the photos. And the ocean is a beautiful watercolor too. What a great opportunity for your boys!

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