Geography Terms Tour–Archipelago


We have been traveling around the poster to the right this year – Learning one Geography Term per month. We took December off, and apparently took February off as well . .. I think Science Fair took over.  This month (Read March Make-up) we are on Archipelago.


For our Terms Tour – the goals are to:

  • Define the Term
  • Give a description of the form by narration, drawing or mold.
  • Name an outstanding example of the Largest, smallest, deepest, or newest formation.
  • Find an example on the map, and find out how “they” think the geographical feature formed.


So yesterday, we talked about Archipelago.  It is defined as A Group of Islands.  We chose the Galapagos Islands as our outstanding example. 

One of the aspects of the Galapagos is that it is on the Equator off shore of Ecuador, South America. It is considered a part of Ecuador.

I casually asked the boys to describe what the equator is, and off the cuff they gave the craziest answers, like if you cross it, it becomes the next day. Hmmm. So we spent some time back tracking the Earth, Sun, Movement, Time Zones, etc. It was a naturally moving conversation, and I feel that the boys have a renewed understanding.




Locating the islands off the shore of Ecuador was simple enough. The boys are getting really good at the Continents and verbal directions while looking. I am able to say things like The Pacific Ocean side of South America between Columbia and Peru.  They know where Peru is from the Dune study, and previously knew where Columbia is located.



There was not a lot of information on the Galapagos Islands in our two geography books.  I went to YouTube and chose 3-4 short films on the island. We ended up spending the entire afternoon watching one after the other, and ended up with a huge desire to buy a charter boat in Ecuador, sail to the Galapagos and conduct tours of the islands while I photograph every species I could find.


The Classroom Today.  I love Homeschooling!


(I am not an affiliate for Timberdoodle or the sites below.
I purchased these books on my own,
actually I have 2 copies each of them, cause I’m a ditz.
I just like to share what we like!)

The Notebooking Fairy had a link on Today’s Post for free printables from Notebooking Nook today – which let me TO THIS PAGE. If you scroll down towards the end, there is a section on Geography – and a link to Geography Terms Notebook.  What a great little resource! I downloaded the Free Link, Printed two copies, then printed extra of Page 2 – which has the Geography Term, a place to define, a place to draw, and an outline map to peg it to a place. How awesome is that?  The boys and I are going to go through their geography Lapbook from this year and work up a Notebook out of the terms for review.  Awesome.

Also – Today is the last day for my giveaway on Facebook.  As a thank you for all of you who have “liked” my Http:// page, I am going to draw from those who comment this week for The Fight of Our Lives by William Bennett.  Feel free to go “Like” the page now, and click like on this entry or add a comment. The boys will draw from the hat in the morning. Winking smile

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  1. I love these posts. I am saving them for when I can squeeze them in!

  2. I love the books and your website.

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