A day in the Life! (or – Why I slept all day Sunday)


We drove down the coast to Newport, Oregon to join the Homeschool Co-Op for our final practice before the Easter Play that evening.  It meant – that we would spend from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm out of town. Not a normal for us – Here’s how it went – First stop, a few pics of the coast – the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.


The People Shout Hosanna! Jon is on the top row third from the left. His buddies are all up there on the top row.  How did my youngest make it to the top row anyway? I was having a hormonal moment about this when they lined up.  Top Row. Sniff Sniff.


We met up with a homeschool family from Lincoln Beach after lunch at the Taco Bell and a quick trip to The Wal Mart (neither store is found in Lincoln City) – and found an Oregon Coast Quest box at a new to us park , Big Creek Park!


Our friends had not been to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse – it was put out of service because of the location – the ships could not see the light. The tower is used today by the Coast Guard – it has a great view of the Bar that the ships use to get out to Open Ocean.


Group Shot! My hands are on Jon’s shoulders, Nate is standing by my side.


The lighthouse has been refurbished inside to resemble what it would have looked like when in full function. A family with several (7?) children lived there. Amazing Place!


From the back yard you can catch a glimpse of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse over Newport. From this spot you can also catch a Letterbox! Woot! I had forgotten my Questing Letterbox Backpack in the car, so the boys and I will go back and stamp later. It was a hand carved stamp of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.


We wandered over to look at the Bar and found two Coast Guard Ships.  Interesting to watch them in tow. We also saw a new to me, Townsend’s Solitaire bird in a tree, I have a shot for the April Bird List, and watch the Osprey snag fish out of the river. There were too many trees to get a snagging photo, but we did get a couple of them flying overhead.


We went down to the old town area of Newport on the Waterfront – and got to see the Hawaiian Chieftain, travel-mate with the Lady Washington – the later which was used in the Pirates of the Caribbean as the Fastest British Ship. Her history is on the link with her name.



We found both Coast Guard Boats at the fuel dock in the harbor. Wonder if the 47 footer ran out of fuel? Wonder if the Coasties had to pool their lunch money to get enough gas to make it back to port?  Ha ha.


So we had to have a trip to the Wax Museum – we have season passes – to visit Jack Sparrow and tell him he could get out of the Museum and Borrow the Lady Washington.


Silly Boys. We bid good by to our Lincoln City Friends after a walk along the Dock 1 watching people and seals.  Then, because we still had an hour left, we went to the car wash. Cause. That’s how we roll.


All dressed up and ready for the Spring Tea Party at intermission.


Tired of getting cheesy smiles – I asked for a growl.


The older teens did a play – they all did really well!


It took both of our boys a long time to commit to the play or the choir. They are new to the group, and have never really enjoyed the performance part that comes with Choir Practice. Ms. Julie – their previous teacher – was the first one that talked Jon into getting on stage, and I think it was on the 3rd performance, after weekly practices for a year. Winking smile Jon is, um, the only boy looking at me. Winking smile


Aren’t they cute? The group has 29? families. This isn’t even close to how many gather with us every other week in Newport for Homeschool Co-op. We feel very blessed that in the 10 and 13 year old category – there are many boys!

We got home to Lincoln City around 8:45pm, and then had a crazy Saturday as well. Sunday I slept in as late as I could until Church, and then came home and slept the entire afternoon away.  Woot!

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4 Responses to A day in the Life! (or – Why I slept all day Sunday)

  1. brooke says:

    (sigh) You inspire me. I have lost my edge for getting outside and really need to be more open to side trips and getting out there!

  2. Blossom says:

    LOL When I saw Johnny Depp it brought back memories! We went to the Wax museum and Ripley’s with my b-i-l and s-i-l. My s-i-l loves posing with statues and she loved Johnny Depp lol. Just replace Jon with a 20-something year old female with long red (? it may have been blonde at the time) hair. Uh, probably pretending to be giving him a kiss on the cheek too lol.
    Sigh, how I miss Oregon.

  3. Amanda says:

    You guys have some great adventures! Your kids are cuties and you’re a nourishing mama. Way to go!

  4. shannon says:

    What a wonderful day you had on Saturday. Yes, I think I would be asleep all day Sunday, too.

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