Oh to be 10 again.


I remember being 10. I remember almost every day like it was yesterday. We lived in a similar environment as we do now. My folks lived in a pocket of town that was sort of “out of town” at the time, our street end had a trail to the Empire Lakes in Coos Bay, Oregon. My friends and I knew all of the trails and spent hours down there swimming or floating on inner tubes. Hiked for hours. All free time after school.  They paved the trails a few years back, it it just isn’t the same, but it did make it better for Roller Coaster Bike Riding.

Our home was two streets away from the Bay, it was a bit of hike – more of a planned hike – but I don’t think it was more than a half mile. Now there are roads, then there were massive blackberry fields to walk though. Yum.


(Jon took this by the way yesterday Flowering Currant? I can’t remember) I remember having the need to get out. Get exploring.  I liked time with my neighborhood friends, but I could spend hours in an open lot of native overgrowth – it was my forest. A neighbor built a tree house in one of the open lots, I could read up there for hours on end.


It gives me understanding of my man Jon. He’s fully 10. Fully boy. Adventure. Danger. Slightly crude. Always seeming to look for somewhere to go  – something to do.


As outgoing as he seems, he really is a loner. He has a breaking point in the afternoon where he needs “alone time”. Sometimes he walks to the neighbor’s house. Sometimes he swings in the front yard in the tree.  He likes to kayak. Today, actually while I was writing this post, we received a txt on an amazing deal on a 12 foot row boat. It is all decked out, just needed our battery to make the troller work, which happened to be charged and by the door.  He’s out right now fishing for trout with his dad.


He will come back – loaded with adventure stories, he always has a story. The more I listen, the more he shares. The more he shares, the lower his frustration level.  The world is open to him. He is at the perfect time academically to not have a care in the world, save for chores – which he does willingly.

When Jesus says – Come to me like these little children – I think of that 10 year old self.  So ready to pray. So in love with verses from the Bible. So in love with the songs we sang at church. So in love with my Grandma’s mints she would pass to me. Winking smile 

It keeps my peace at ease. My patience full. My anger distinguished. To just love 10 year old boys. I’m not into changing him, just giving him opportunity to mold to Christ’s Character through the sharing of the Word. He is so open and easily comforted by the Word.

This week at Doorposts.com the gave us a challenge to read 1 Cor 13 each day this week. Pray through it. Look up commentaries on it. Read it. Pray about it. Mold it to our character. I am excited to see where the Lord grows my character in the next week. Winking smile

Thanks for taking a time out with me just to marvel at my 10 year old boy. I was going to share his school work with you – but these are the words that tumbled out of my fingertips, so – for you momma – who have lost your last string of energy patience and peace with your crazy schemed adventurous 10 year old boy – know I’m praying for you! May your eyes and heart be turned to see the wonderfulness!

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  1. Heather says:

    It seems like you may have been reading my thoughts! lol Mine is 9 and has had me at my wits end the last few weeks. I keep blaming it on spring fever, but I’m now thinking that it’s just boy stuff. Your post is a wonderful reminder of what it was like at his age. I’ve been praying for patience with him, but maybe I should be praying for understanding? 9/10 really was a wonderful age…I *really* need to remember that & let him enjoy (even if it makes me crazy!) 🙂

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