Field Trip–Yaquina Head Lighthouse


On the way home from the Central Oregon Coast Homeschool Co-op Friday – I asked the family if we could take a look at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse – I wanted to see if there were any birds at Colony Rock.


We missed low tide  that morning – but the views are still amazing!


Every rock around the head is filled to the brim with Common Murres. They look like strange penguins that can fly.


On the other side of the lighthouse – thousands – 70-90 thousand Murres can be viewed.



I love the awe of the boys.  Nate was excited to see so many in the Pacific Ocean.



I have no idea what they are looking at. I just like looking at them!


They are so cute.


Not sure how to describe what this sounds like. In the summer, there is no way to describe how it Smells Like. Ewwwwwww



Sorry , Somethings are more amazing than Murres. . . .


Fun to watch them fly up and down from this rock!


Looking East and South towards Newport. Perfect Day.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse –

P1020183“The seabird populations breeding at Yaquina Head are now of national and international significance. The 80,000
to 90,000 common murres breeding at Yaquina Head far exceed the combined totals for all of British Columbia and Washington state. The Audubon Society of Portland has designated the
headland and adjacent refuge rocks as an Important Bird Area.”

 US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuge Update

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