Writing Tales–Week 7–Moses in the Bulrushes


We are enjoying the Vocabulary words that Writing Tales ahs the boys look up each week – this week – Bulrush – which is what Moses’ ma made his ark or basket out of.  Neither boy could give me a description or drawing of what they thought a bulrush might be. One son said “skunk cabbage leaf”, and I knew they had no clue.  Maybe skunk cabbage leaves would have helped the 3 month old Moses be found easier. . . . Or left alone longer?


Nate did a lookup on line and found many photos that looked exactly like cattails and some that looked like these reeds to the left.

We went outside to harvest some of the long skinny plants that grow along the bank of our yard.



Apparently we had a Petra School Uniform going on today. We’re like that.


Jon hiding in the bulrushes.


The boys came in and made placemat type weaving on the floor.
They whipped them out really quickly!





Nate daubed (another vocabulary word) on the Duck Tape,
he was sad that Moses’s ma didn’t have any back then.  Poor mamma.


A little trimming and they turned out right purdy – but not real sturdy – for floating a 3 month old baby down stream in.


Now, as Nathan writes out the play for narration, and then the creative re-write of Moses in his Writing Tales book – He’ll have a better understanding of what the momma did.


Did you miss my review of Writing Tales?  – Here it is – https://pebblekeeper.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/writing-tales/

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4 Responses to Writing Tales–Week 7–Moses in the Bulrushes

  1. That’s pretty awesome!

  2. Blossom says:

    …well, not ‘forget my kids’ but I guess they could come too 😉 they’d like it!

  3. Blossom says:

    That is awesome!! Totally awesome. I want to be part of your school! Forget my kids… 😉

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