Jonah and Ruth

Do you remember back in February when I shared about how we walked through a verse in Jonah? (You can read about that HERE) Well – this week we have another example of  how the whole family got involved in Nathan’s Bible study called, I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God.


The memory verse came from Ruth 2:12 – “The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings though are come to trust.”  Nathan was having a hard time memorizing it – and we learned that he was not picturing it well. He drew it up in picture form on the white board – and saw Ruth working. The family conversation turned to seeing that Boaz talked of Ruth being fully rewarded by the Lord – and not just the Lord of the land, but the LORD God of Israel.  We also talked about the last part of “Under Whose wings thou are come to trust.”  We have been studying the Swallows this past year, as we have quite a few tree and barn swallows swooping up flying insects over the lake.  We learned that as they fly over the lake, they collect their food in the pit of their wings. The boys were quick to discuss that the Trust that Ruth had was for provision – of food – and how interesting it was that food is often stored under bird’s wings. So not just trust for shelter – but for provision in those wings.  Anyways – it was a really great relaxed conversation. I love those mornings!

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Nathan is almost finished with the study – and I am looking at ordering another from Greek ‘n’ Stuff. It has been a wonderful way for him to start the day in the Word. A great discipline – that he can do it – All by himself.  As you can see from the account above, and from my previous post – it does not mean that he is all alone, we talk about things that he reads – as he asks a lot of questions.  Another one this week was realizing that Ruth and Boaz were in the Line of David – In the Line of Christ.  For some reason he thought that was really interesting.

I typed while he talked – “I really like it because it is a fun and easy way to study God’s Word – of Ruth and Jonah. I think it would be better if you could do a little bit more each day, instead of one verse or so per day. I have been learning more about Jonah and Ruth that I have not seen on Movies or Sunday School.  Once Jonah got to Nineveh and he tells the people – God actually forgives them, and Jonah was really mad and he started pouting under the sun and God helped Jonah still but Jonah was mad about it. It has been a great way to learn the details that I had not learned before. The story usually ends with Jonah showing up in town.

As you can see – he was really into it.  He has done daily devotions through a weekly club with quite a bit of memorization and reading required each week – so that is why he thought that this was pretty lite.  I would rather him be lightly in the Word each day – than having Bible Study be a chore or a task to get done. This was a very simple, no bells and whistles simple Bible study.  oh- And I should have told Nate that the book was a KJV, and his study Bible is a New Living Translation Study Bible – he didn’t fill out some of the verse blanks at first because he “couldn’t find them” in his Bible.  I gave him my KJV and he was on his way.

Alone With God Bible Study

Jonah and Ruth

  • Niv-j-r Greek ‘n’ Stuff
  • Alone With God Bible Studies,
  • I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God – KJV (13 wk)
  • Simple Questions taken Directly from Scripture. Sidebars highlight geographical, biographical, historical, and cultural aspects which aid in understanding the verses studied. A Memory verse and a Think and Pray About It section are included in each weekly lesson.
  • $8.95
  • Upper Elementary and Jr High individuals or Sunday School Classes, KJV and NIV.

Nathan was given this study for free in exchange of using it – and giving an honest opinion review on our blog.  100 of crew members of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew were given several products – Five us us were chosen for the Jonah and Ruth.  Nathan is 13, has memory, graphing and reading disabilities. He completed this review on his own.  I encourage you to click over to the Crew Blog Post for Greek ‘n’ Stuff to see what other reviewers had to say.

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