GoTrybe–Inspired to Move

As part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew – We were given the opportunity to review GoTrybe, and online health site for kids.


Nate signed up and created an Avatar for himself.  There are 3 levels of memberships, based on age ranges, ZooDoos, Trybe180, and NexTrybe. He choose Trybe180. He answered a few questions about his Favorites to create a profile.  The GoTrybe experience can be interactive, you can connect with friends online.gotrybe2]

Each day you start with Active Screen Time – Fitness. You can browse through the videos to select a Warmup, Cardio, Strength and Flexibility workout. 


Moving on – you can click on Nutrition, Motivation and Wellness to watch a quick video – under 30 seconds – and answer a question from the video.



Parents and kids can be inspired and educated through the Kids’ Fitness Blog.


According to their FAQ Page, The is an online fitness and nutrition community that delivers daily fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation content to students and teachers across the US.

GoTrybe memberships can be used for a trial period with the promocode GETFIT, or as little as 99 Cents per month with the PromoCode KIDSFITNESS, or, when that promo is complete – you may use a one year membership for $19.95.  The site says that it is regularly $39.95, but at this time, I didn’t see that as the “regular” price. 


We received this product to review for free in exchange for our son using it – and giving it an honest review.  You can see what other crew members have to say at the Crew Blog – GoTrybe .

We had thought that the software would be more like that marketed to moms, that would help track the Fitness and Nutrition that we were already completing. There is not anywhere that we could find to get “Points” or “Badges” for activities outside of “Screen Time”.  If you are a mom who was never involved in sports or activities, or are limited on how much time you are able to spend outside, this might be a great way to have someone get your child moving, and give them a great fitness education. However, as a mom who played Varsity Sports in High School, then went through Boot Camp, and served 8 years in the military to go on to live an active life – I have never, at the gym, or at a sport, encountered “Fitness: Active Screen Time” at any of these events.  Going into the summer – I would have to urge you to ask your child to be active outdoors. However, if you are not the active outdoor type – and your child goes out into the yard and then comes back in – This might be a great way to get you all moving.  Find a way to load the site onto the largest monitor in your home, and have the whole family get involved. It would be a personally created Workout DVD type product, educating as well as moving.  On a very personal note – raising Newly and Preteen Boys – the graphics and clothing in the videos made my sons uncomfortable. Even in watching the videos – one of the boys continually looks at the instructor’s body – and not necessarily in a “am I doing this kick right” type of a glance.  This is our family’s personal issue, if you are used to hanging out at the gym or in places where females wear very tight clothing with string tank tops and short shorts, then this might not bother you, but I thought – for honesty – I should include it in the review.

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