I don’t know if you were around last July when we did the Frog Scavenger Hunt in Three Parts – The short version – is we looked everywhere – but it was too late in the year to find frogs in our area. So –

This year – as soon as we heard them croaking – we went a lookin’.


Strangely enough – the advice we received the most – was to visit this small ditch next to Highway 101 in a place locals call No Man’s Land – because – well – there isn’t any development there, one of the only pieces on Hwy 101 in Lincoln City. 


We walked back and forth for over an hour. The frogs would stop their croaking as we would walk – and then start up again a foot or two down the ditch wild highway side stream.


These poppy seed sized eggs covered in orbs of slime were abundant throughout the area. Pushed up close to just about every plant.


The boys decided that since there was such an abundance, they’d collect some to watch at home.


They collected two sizes of tadpoles.  We have two one gallon size jugs of “Pond Water” that Jon has been replenishing  every couple of days. He skims about two  to three cups of water off the top, and then fills it with the pond water. We drive by the source often enough to keep the water filled.



I leave you with wiggly little tadpoles – Next up – Research – and Nature Journaling!

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5 Responses to Tadpoles

  1. sbmozer says:

    We just collected tadpoles today. I followed this link via Pinterest— if there are more posts in this series, you should include the updated links at the bottom. 😉 I’m pinning it to my pond page.

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  3. Tricia says:

    Wow-za! What fun!

  4. We have been watching a little wet spot along our walking trail for tadpoles as well. The water is drying up and the tadpoles are not nearly ready to be on land…..it is sort of sad and we are wondering if we should try to “save” some or let nature take its course.

    I love your perseverance. I look forward to seeing your journals.

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