Jon finds his first Finder’s Keepers Float



Once you find the float, there is a sticker with a phone number to call the visitor’s center. Since we live here, we go in, sign the book, receive a free poster for the year, a write up about the creator of the hand blown float – and a certificate of authenticity to go along with it.


P1030856A few of you have asked what the floats are –

You used to be able to find Japanese floats like these ones:

Jon Finds His First Glass Float

And now we find mostly plastic floats ones with the writing on them like these:

Japanese Fishing Floats

You can still find the large 36” glass floats made in China, sold to the Japanese fishing fleets and then floating over – Nate finds a 36″ FloatP1030862

Nate found a Finder’s Keepers one on Easter Morning after picking up trash  – Easter Bunny

Lincoln City also puts out Glass Sand Dollars.  Here is a blog about last year – Glass Sand Dollars

And here is a post about the float that I found – Last year – Mom’s Glass Float .

We gave away some of our glass treasures today on the beach to some great Canadian Visiting Friends.  We’ve hidden floats for visiting family members from Texas, and given a float away to a store keeper here in town for their birthday.  We’ve got Nathan’s large float up for sale in a consignment store in town. Now that Jon has found his float – we’re officially done “looking”.  Should we stroll by one completely by surprise?  We might pick it up.  . . .


Beach Schooling. It’s a good thing.

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