Day Care for the Boys


When I announced that I’d be working 3-4 hours a day this summer, one of the first, and most frequent questions I was asked – “What will you do with the boys?” Strangely enough, only one homeschooler asked, but it was posed by many of my non- homeschooling friends, in a challenging sort of a way.


I choose this house keeping opportunity – because it is extremely flexible.  Part of my job is driving all over town – from Depoe Bay to North of Lincoln City.  I have found myself mostly near my home on the Lake and in the homes at Road’s End. My hubby works on this side of town and eats lunch at home, so he is home for an hour a day. So far – it has worked out. They spent a week at Theater Camp (Did I blog about that? I don’t think I did .. .) We’ve had company, there have been town activities, and they’ve visited friends. I am able to plan the trips between houses to pick up and drop off on the way to the next destination.



One thing they have discovered are the destinations themselves.  There is a reason why people flock to these nightly stay vacation homes – the surroundings are amazing! One of their favorite places is nearby a group of our vacation homes, which has a small pond, a large grass area, and beach access.  They have a couple of friends that live in the neighborhood as well. Yesterday, I had two homes in this area so they played at the pond/park.


They called a couple of times eager for me to come see what they had discovered – that the newts hide in the grass along the most shallow of the water here.  When they walked up to the puddle near the pond – they saw one newt scurry into the grass. , soon, they discovered that all of the grass clumps were “shadowy” (I love their latin scientific terms). Once they figured out how to find them, they each had a handful.  There are 12 above in Nate’s hands. This puddle is attached to the larger pond – so they could live anywhere along the edges.


Jon saying – See, I’m Angry – Like the Crawdad. (He doesn’t know I’m not going to eat him, even though I’ve been telling him he’s going in the pot. Angry Face. Grrrrr)


Did I mention Theater Camp for a week?  Oiy.



Not a bad place to spend an hour.  I didn’t even notice til I got home that there are two Canadian geese sitting on a log there in the middle of the lower photo. Which reminds me on this 13th? day of July that I need to do my bird report for June. Winking smile 


I am very thankful that the job allows me to travel all over town, and I wouldn’t be able to accept a job that would be a 9-5 office cubicle type of a situation – so I am thankful that the Lord put this opportunity for some extra funds in our path.  I am finding that this is another extension of our home learning. The boys are used to going with the flow, I am their fire sparker so to speak, but not their warden, entertainer, or boss. They are old enough, and have enough interests to entertain themselves. With the discipline to respect property, people, and animals. (No newt or crawdad was harmed in the making of this blog post – had we been closer to home, It might not have gone so well for the crawdad) I am learning so much about homekeeping by seeing how the homes are kept – watching the housekeeper staff and my fellow arrival checkers, that my home will be blessed as well.  FYI – if you are traveling to Lincoln City and are looking for a great vacation rental – they are a lot less expensive than I thought they would be, our company has an inventory around 100, and I’m getting quite a few favorites. Winking smile Thought you might be interested what boys do when they are bored and their mom is “at work”.

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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2 Responses to Day Care for the Boys

  1. kimberly says:

    I figured your boys were old enough that child care wasn’t ab ig enough issue for me to ask about

    It sounds like a great arrangement for you and them~ I was so distracted by the newt pictures I had trouble focusing on the test. Ki did a Theater Camp once. it was pretty great..

  2. It is so nice that you have so many opportunities and friends. Sounds like a lovely life to me!

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