Random Phone Shots

I have been enjoying using my phone as an MP3 player as I exercise each morning, but the 3 albums that are on the phone are growing too familiar. So – I plugged the micro disk into the computer this morning and found I had been using my phone to take really random shots! 145 to be exact, since last January 2010, and an entire folder from 2 years ago. I got so distracted with the “capture it now” type moments – that I’m thinking I’ll be off for the day with no new songs. . . . Winking smile 


International Rose Test Garden, Portland Oregon – Pretty amazing! Camera Batteries died after the second shot, then my phone went dead after the yellow rose shot.  Sigh. I purchased a couple of post cards . . . .


Our favorite “touristy” spot in town is definatly the Taft District, Mo’s Chowder, Eleanor’s Ice Cream, tons of driftwood to build with – Fun. Nate won a gift certificate to Eleanor’s so out of the kindness of my heart we raced down.  Mine is a Root Beer Float.  Oh My. So YUMMY. Tillamook French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. . . . .



Tide Pools at N 15th Street.  We love coming here at low tide! You can park right on the beach, except I’ve noticed this summer the sand is really deep – so we’ll be parking on top til the winter storms pack it down again!


What?  Don’t judge me!  Milano Cookies and a frivilous book?  You know you want to!  On top of a cozy warm comforter with some sea salt chips?  A girl needs some quiet time ya know.  Or how about out on the deck with an iced coffee in the sunshine with purple toe nails?


If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing. Benjamin Franklin.  This is a sign in our local Driftwood Public Library.


One of my favorite houses to Arrival Check. They have a very cool weather station for guests to log each day. I love the simplicity of the ledger sheets, placed on top of their large TV, right at the window looking out at the beach. 



Speaking of which – the view from one of the homes I arrival Check. It’s not quite the same as the tiny desk sized grey cubicle I used to work in for the Oregon State Employment Department back in the day . . . .


Strangely enough, Ice Cream is often photographed. . . . . .


Cape Foulweather – See those flags, Ya. Windy.


Mystery Beach, those are THOUSANDS of agates there my friends. Millions?  Maybe. Long Hike, Really worth it!


Pirates giving Jon pieces of 8 before he goes to see the movie . . . There were a group of pirates singing at the door of the theater.  Pretty fun stuff for our tiny town!


Camping in the back yard. . . .


Buying a new boat . . . . Not sure what Nate is doing. Vowing to always wear a life vest and give his brother turns driving?


Is this what you look like now? Bored?  Teen Son watching TV while playing Roblox, while board one day.  Gotta get that kid a bigger chair. Winking smile


10 yr old bored playing iPod. I think this was a rainy day this spring.


Jon with his famous Mohawk, named, Moe in Taft.


See ya later friends – Long day of arrival checking houses while the boys play up the street. Neighbor friend went to see their grandson in Portland and the son begged to come home with them. Touched – they were excited – until he said – Ya, I can’t wait to play with Jon again . . . ha.  They stopped by last night, and the boys will be fishing with them all day today for bass in the lake.  Woot! Off to unload the Food Bank Truck! Join with me this morning and pray for our weekend guests in our homes this weekend (Our meaning for the company I work for)?  Thanks!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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3 Responses to Random Phone Shots

  1. kimberly says:

    MO’s Chowder? I prefer a Mo Chai. (My friend made me chai latte with spiced rum. So now I call them Mo Chai)

    You have some cool places to visit here! Rose Test Garden.. the Cool Weather Station…. The only places we like to go are beaches (and Farmers Markets). I can’t think of a “PLACE”

  2. Tricia says:

    Those camera phones sure are handy aren’t they? I love this sharing of your random. I especially paused long over your Milano cookies and your iced coffee on your deck. Relaxing…

  3. LOVE the random pictures. I think I want to come sit on your deck, read a book, eat Milano cookies and paint my toenails pink. Sounds like a fun plan to me!

    Enjoy your day.

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