School Supply Must Haves–FriXion Pens!



So I heard about FriXion Pens from a fellow blogger – She claimed they were the greatest thing to come out since sliced bread. Especially if you do a paper planner, you like writing in pen, but not on the planner, so pencil it is for erasing changing dates.  Not. Any.More.

Remember those erasable pens that they used to make? With the huge grey gummy eraser and the ink sort of smelled?  This is NOT cousins with that product. Not even the same thing.  These are the top of the line Pilot Pen quality pens, with the ink designed to use FriXion to erase. The “eraser” is a hard rubber stub. Sometimes, even with pencil, the eraser leaves more markings than the lead itself.


So why am I telling you it is a Must Have School Supply?  Have you ever even heard of an erasable highlighter?  Oh the Joy!  Ping, Green and Yellow.  The highlighter tip is hard and narrow, not felt tippy, soft and sloppy.  It erases like a dream.  You could color code people for events in your calendar, highlight on a page and then erase if needed.  I’m so excited!


But wait. Not just school supplies for the student or teacher. How many of you have done the Precept Bible Studies by Kay Arthur? Word Studies? Where you go through a text and mark each word with a quirky squiggle and an individual color?  But those inks are Permanent.  The ones they direct you to are usually found in the very expensive archiving section of craft stores.  These gel pens are erasable by FriXion! They write like a soft flowing dream.  I could write and write, so beautifully, draw – again with the calendar color coding for family members! Word Studies in Grammar marking Noun, Verb, Subject, Etc. Possibilities are making me giddy.


Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink – in Gel – But WAIT!


Be Still My Beating Heart! a FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen?   Extra Fine you say? 0.5mm? Needlepoint tip? Precise, clean lines?  and is erasable?  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh you’ve lost me in my over exuberant joy.

Color. Glorious Removable Color and Ink.  Sigh. 

This amazing company sent me some replacements – This IS NOT A REVIEW – Just my overwhelming Joy.  I purchased 3 black gel pens, and returned a product to the store, and Jon placed the pens in the box thinking it was all going back. (silly boy). I tweeted, or FB’d, or Blogged about it, and FriXion saw – and offered to replace the pens – The package above is what was sent FED-X this morning.  Oh The Joy.  They were free. Replacements. Can I say Awesome Company?

Run off my friends, Run to your wonderful office supply stores, run to Amazon, run – click- turn, and order.  I could not 100% more give you my OK on this MUST HAVE school/home/bible study/outlining/calendar keeping/planner supply tool.


(Just for those of you sitting in the back, who didn’t quite get it – I LOVE FriXion Pens by Pilot!) – It’s been too long since I’ve fallen in love with a pen . . . . .

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7 Responses to School Supply Must Haves–FriXion Pens!

  1. Joi says:

    I am soo excited about these pens. My son will only use erasable pens! I cannot wait to find them.

  2. renita says:

    Great…more pens I need to go and buy…I LOVE, no ADORE, no OBSESS about pens. I have six in my purse at the moment and something like 75 just waiting to be loved!! I am so getting these pens!! Thank you-just don’t tell my dh!! lol

  3. Blososm says:

    oh neat…never heard of them… and how dare you get me looking at pens! 😉 I’m a pen-aholic.
    My name is Blossom…it’s been 3 days since I’ve taken a pen from an establishment and 1 week since I’ve purchased one even when I didn’t need one.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      You crack me up. School Supply Season is coming in full throttle. I’ll have to stay far far away from the big towns. I “think” I can handle our local mart.

      • Blososm says:

        Oh, just in case you get carried away or can’t stay away from those big towns, here’s my address so you can send me some great FriXion pens:

        😉 jk but now I am on the lookout (I can *guarantee* they do not carry them in my little town!)

  4. These are the ONLY pens I use. They’re amazing. Like save the world amazing! 😉 I love these things!


    • pebblekeeper says:

      I’m glad someone gets it. It’s Save the World Amazing. And I love pens. I have favorites. But my whole idea of what a pen should do was changed. . . . Thanks Honey!

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