It has been 6 Day since my last Import


This morning, on the lake, I feel a freedom. I also have a new respect and gratefulness for my freedom of being a stay at home mom who homeschools her two boys. After 5 weeks of working every day, laundry and yard care and shopping on the off days, to fall exhausted at the end of each day wondering where the time was going – I hope that I retain this feeling – this inckling of joy – for freedom.

I have enjoyed the past 5 weeks of Arrival Checking Vacation Homes – Beautiful days spent driving along the coast peeking into the most beautiful/simple/dated/and outright eclectic homes one could imagine! I’ve learned so much on how to simplify homekeeping and organization – and I’ve really enjoyed my co-workers!

However, that said – I am glad that the Lord did not create the opportunity to fix our car- or replace the car – and that I would need to stay home. I am looking forward to the month of August, lazily floating in the lake drinking ice tea while reading books. Long walks on the warm sand at the beach. We cancelled the vacation trip we were saving for in October, and will not take a summer road trip, but it will be worth it!

So – I look forward to more lunches at home, time to slowly sort through the plans for the year, a few directed nature studies in the warm summer evenings, and the added appreciation for my husband, who never misses a day of work, and does not have the privilege of quitting. Making him a huge pot of his favorite soup for his lunch today – I am trusting this will head us in the best direction!

So – My bloggy Friends – It has been 6 days since my last import of photos (I still have my one year old Nikon L22) I promise to get out there more, share more, and enjoy more!


This morning’s photos – Books for this weekend, french  toast made by Jon, flowers I picked yesterday, and hot cocoa. Winking smile

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3 Responses to It has been 6 Day since my last Import

  1. I wish you a relaxing and interesting August. I was looking forward to August too but now I received a Jury Duty summons for August 8th. I am praying that I don’t get picked to serve….I really, really need to have August.

    Loved your posts today….so nice to see your part of the world.

    PS Congrats on joining the notebooking world!

  2. We are very blessed, aren’t we? Looking forward to hearing more of your wisdom.

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    There is SUCH freedom in being “trapped at home!” I love being home, hate being away! So glad you’re finding the good in a situation that would leave others feeling defeated!

    Hot Cocoa and soup…I’m looking forward to the end of summer and the beginning of the soup season! My favorite time of year!

    Blessings friend!

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