Beach Schooling Resumes


Not sure if y’all remember Rookie – the dog that we had to give away this year – Walking on the beach was not the most pleasant experience. In the summer, there was no way should could be off leash or on a long leash. We’d get snarls, ladies would cling to their partners, kids would run. Her barking greeting was so misunderstood. Strangely enough – we don’t seem to get the same reaction from Max. He thinks he’s a big dog, but he’s very unconvincing! Strangers will walk over and smile at him. I can say – it has been the most wonderful polar opposite experience than we’ve had the last 3 years! He’s a trooper of a walker – but then passes out in the truck!


Small moon jelly fish on the sand. We need to make a trip to the Hatfield Marine Science Center to find out what fun summer only biology observations we should be making.


This Should be a beautiful multi colored photo of the iridescent muscle shell with the bubbles each evenly reflecting the pink, green, blue and purple colors. Alas, with my broken-ish Nikon L22 – this is all ya get. I wrote to Panasonic Lumix today to ask to be a product tester for their DMC TS2 water/sand/dust/freezing/angie Proof camera. I hope they say yes. Counting it up today, I’ve lost 6 cameras since 1998 to Water damage. 3 were Lumix, 2 Cannons, 1 Nikon.   Lumix by far is my favorite.


Nate tried to get Max’s feet wet.  Max would like to state for the record that although he likes being in the boat – he does NOT like being in the water. He and his best pal Shep would just like to remain, un –pressured – to remain on dry land.


It made Nate happy to try though.





Spent some time trying to get just the right wave crash photo. The fog bank held off to the west there, beautiful windy warm day on the coast!




Nate let me take photos of him today without changing his expression when he saw the camera. It makes me so very glad!


We went out to look for the Japanese Glass Floats in Lincoln City that they are putting out 3 weeks in a row. These are the only balls we found today. Both Green. Both Um. Floatable. Most likely made in China. Does that count?  Good Afternoon on the beach!


Nature Connections

is a collaborative link collection
posted at the end of each month
on Living and Learning.

Its purpose is to showcase photos of children
enjoying nature to inspire all of us to get outdoors more.

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4 Responses to Beach Schooling Resumes

  1. Cortney says:

    Ah, I wish we could do beach schooling! Looks wonderful. I had to look up the glass floats—what a neat contemporary tradition with a fun history. I hope you find some!

  2. Serena says:

    Wow! The surf and wave photos are beautiful. Don’t you love sunshine and salt spray? Gorgeous day on the beach. 🙂

  3. Tricia says:

    Ah. Such wonderful photos. I’m imagining the wind and the spray of the water. Love the photo of Nate trying to get Max’s feet wet 🙂

  4. So happy to see you back to beach schooling! I miss the beach. And um you too. But the beach I do miss. 🙂

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