Walking in the Clouds


We spent the morning Sunday walking through the clouds at Cascade Head, overlooking the Salmon River Estuary, Devils Lake, Lincoln City, and the Pacific Ocean.  My friends over at the Oregon Coast Today would call it a “Cheater Hike”, only because we drove to the top and walked straight out – instead of starting down on that ribbon of river and hiking 3 miles straight up.  Cheater? or Smarter?  Ha ha.


The clouds would swirl out to the Pacific, then the ocean winds would drive it back east over the Cascade Head.  We’d get glimpses in and out. So spectacular!


The two larger bodies of water are two parts of the Devils Lake area – we live at the far left tip – This photo looks south east.


Salmon River Estuary – Sitka Art Center – Amazing views!



Those little (from this vantage point) rocks out there are from our “mystery beach” at the end of Road’s End. Always fun to see them from this side!




Can you see him? Can ya?  No?  There’s a boy behind those black gloves and shoes. Promise.


The trail was so thick with fog  it would just disappear! The temp went from 68 on highway 101 to 53 at the trailhead.  Kinda Cool. I mean Cold. I mean Damp. I mean not warm.


The bridge on Highway 101 just south of 3 river rocks road looking at the Salmon River, going about 55 – not too shabby. That cloud had the joy of staying with us the whole walk.

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2 Responses to Walking in the Clouds

  1. I love that place. The last time I hiked it I ended up having an allergy attack so bad I couldn’t see!

  2. Joi says:

    Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the wooded path. I love these kind of pictures.

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