Canoe Tour–August 2011

Heading Out

Headed out this morning – Due West – the view from the tip of our dock.


It’s about a half mile out of our loop, and then you turn due south for a while. I only went to Sand Point Loop Park this morning – when I stopped for my coffee break – I noticed I had followers. Not quite the dolphins of the gulf – but fries of the coast are fun too!


The water is clear enough to see the bottom. Bottom feeding fish are in those shadows along with large fresh water clams.




Sand Point Swimming area.  Pretty quiet in the morning! Just me and the fisheees!


Morning Hair – Sun in my eyes, It’s a pretty picture. ha ha.  Thought you might like to see how look squinting into the sun in the morning.


Headed back north – that’s the Cascade Head on the second ridge there.  In my “walk in the clouds” post earlier – that’s where I was standing, towards the left of the screen.


Have to pack my trusty bucket.  Open Immediately – Perishable Medical Supplies. Remove Contents. Do Not Freeze.  I figure it is the perfect container to keep my coffee in so I don’t splash it, along with my little Nikon CoolPix.  In the evening it holds my trusty Mirror Pond Deschutes Brew for after paddlin’  with the girls. It’s a good box.


The sun hasn’t quite peeked into our yard yet, still rising over the eastern hillside. Poor little shaded daisies! (btw – it’s about 9:30 here in this photo – one of the reasons I like to push out and seek sunshine!)


Sitting in the canoe contemplating a swim – dratted fog rolling in over the ocean – creates quite the cool breeze.  I’m going to skip it today – We have a full day at Anna’s Falls mowing lawns  — and then the boys have their first day of Surf Clinic at Otter Rock.  Should be a fun day!


I like my box. Smile and my Mornings. Smile I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel every day here.

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1 Response to Canoe Tour–August 2011

  1. Blossom says:

    It’s wrong to covet… I know… so instead I am very happy that you get to enjoy such a wonderful place every day 🙂 I very much enjoy your sharing the photos with us all.

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