Surf Clinic at Otter Rock!


Oregon Surf Shop held a Surf Clinic last week for a group of kiddos – Wee tiny to about 15 years old. Three adult instructors – a couple of more adult watchers – and all of the equipment – Boards, Gear, & Transportation.  These kids were Fired Up to learn to Surf!


Even though Lincoln City was fogged in, this little cove known as Otter Rock, or the Devil’s Punch Bowl State Park – was Fog Free. Those little red dots by the trees are the kids in the Surf Clinic.



Hard to photograph with a chinky camera against the setting sun – but this little shadow is Nate with the instructor behind him.


It looked a lot like dads trying to get boys to learn how to ride a bike.  These were two of the most patient loving dads I’ve seen in a long while!


Jon’s Lovin’ it!




I love the pelicans playing with us!



Nate’s up!


It’s amazing how long and far the instructors can go on the tiniest of waves!



And Jon’s Down.


Fun to watch the instructors catch a wave!



If you are in Lincoln City – and you’d love to give your child “The Best Day EvAr – Epic Day” (as per Jon) – I’d head down to the Oregon Surf Shop and look into an afternoon of Surf Lessons. It will be a memory to cherish – and experience of a lifetime.  Caution though – We’ve gone out 3 times in the last 5 days now.  They’re hooked.

From their website – “Includes everything you need to get your surfing career started; board, wetsuit, boots, gloves and an experienced instructor. Please give us a call 877.339.5672 and we can make a reservation for you or your group to get started enjoying the experience of surfing today.”

This afternoon was hosted
by a couple of members of our Vineyard gather-ers.
I was not paid or asked to promote Oregon Surf Shop –
Just sharing our day with the world.

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