Lincoln City Sand Castle Contest


We were unable to attend the sandcastle contest to be participants this year – but the boys got to walk through around 2pm and again in the evening around 7. I got to walk through in the evening – I am always blown away at the sand forming skills!  We are not allowed to use anything that is not found on the beach – so no structure supports – sand glue – or outside helps of any kind. You can bring any tools to form the sand and water misters to help the sand keep it’s form.  Jon’s favorite is the iPod, mine might be the Chowder Head – as that is a category and I thought it was funny – I think Nate liked all of the tide pool animals, we really liked the Elements of Eleanors – made me hungry.  The boys made a sandcastle that evening, walked along the shore, posed for pictures for me – and had a wonderful day! Hope to see you there next year!

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2 Responses to Lincoln City Sand Castle Contest

  1. Kristin says:

    Just stumbled across this post. I know the guy who created Chowderhead with his son that day. They were just at the beach on a father son day and the son spontaneously wanted to enter the contest. They had little in the way of tools with them but they did have an awesome concept. I thought it was so cool of the father to be willing to just dive in like that. And if I remember correctly they did win a prize for this.

  2. Awesome!! Looks like so much fun!

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