August Lake Tour


Slipping out from our yard – water is flat and mirror like. The only ripples created by two kayaks ahead of me.  Wonderful Morning. Point of Grace is playing in the headphones – I sing as I paddle along.


About a mile down the lake – looking by the swimming area.  All the dots on the water are the bugs that died over night. They just float – held by the suspension of the water – kinda creepy. Floating Bug Graveyard.


The sun is shining right on my canoe.  Joy.


Looking towards the south end of Devil’s Lake.  It’s about another mile and a half south to the D River out to the Pacific Ocean.  About a mile from where I sit is Regatta Park. I paddled out there this week on a Stand Up Paddle Board.  My thighs and wrists sill hurt a little just thinking of it.  I think I like my canoe a bit better. . . .


I remember seeing this rock formation last summer – it is on a tip on the eastern side by Sand Point loop.  Really interesting rock formations – the Spruce trees are growing right out of the top layer above the hard sandstone.  So many layers. My little Nikon L22 just can’t do it justice while moving around in the canoe.


Looking back north from SandPoint Loop – Trees turning red and yellow – fog over Cascade Head. Crisp in the air.  Fall is a comin’.


These two were getting chased around by some wake boarders.  The waves really picked up on the way home, 1/4 hour out, 3/4 hours to get home.  This water is pretty calm, I didn’t dare stop by Holms Road to take photos – I’d slam into a dock! 1 foot waves.  Crazy how it stirs up! I think that these are Double-crested Cormorants. They have a yellow bill and red-ish colors by their heads.  Really large – Beautiful birds!



And back home.  A wonderful hour on the lake!

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2 Responses to August Lake Tour

  1. Kayla says:

    I can hear the slap of the water on your canoe from here! Stopping by the the TOS crew….beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful! I feel the peace in your photos. 🙂

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