A Day in the Life


6:00-9:00 Exercise, Quiet, Reflection, Praise, Worship, Facebook. (Not always in that order.) I like to start the day off with a walk or a paddle. In the summer, it is a paddle on the lake in the kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board.  In the winter – It is a walk along my favorite stretch of beach in Lincoln City. I love to venture out early – before 7 – twilight.  The eagle is often out looking for breakfast, deers frolic on the beach, one can be alone with their thoughts, prayers. A mile up and back.  On return to the car – the sun has just peeked over the eastern cascades to brighten up the waves.  My oldest son loves to come – it is the time we have the best conversations. He really enjoys beach combing – he will write notes all over the house – Beach. Donuts. – On the Coffee pot, key board, laptop, shower, tooth brush, Bible.  More than we should, we enjoy a donut at Lighthouse Donuts on the way home. I am hoping my younger son will enjoy these morning walks more this year.


From 9-10:15 is Daddy Time.  He works from 10:15-9:00 each day. We start our academics a bit later than most – so we can really enjoy this hour with him.

10:15-2:00 is Focused Academic Learning Time. We turn off personal electronics, Facebook, Emails, Phones and Cable. If the Computer is needed for a class or research – you might see us pop on, comment, and keep researching – You might find us studying about Peru, making a Lapbook, going on a color hunt in a local garden, identifying herbs, talking about math, reading aloud, working on spelling, discussing history.  This year, we will be working on the US History through drawing the Presidents and working on Science Experiments.



2:00 – 3:00 – Supper –   We eat breakfast around 9:30, and dad comes home for lunch at 2. – So – Our big meal of the day is from 2-3.  Crock Pot, Roasts, Soups, Casseroles.  If I was a good girl, I got it going from 10-10:30 before we started school.

3:00 – 6:00 – Field Trip Time – Electronics may come back on after 3, if the academic seat work is finished for the day.  We might visit a neighbor – a local attraction – field trip – take a hike – enjoy the yard.  We’re seldom “bored”.  Winter is a pretty active time in the Pacific Northwest. Storms move things on the beach – floods rearrange forest streams – mushrooms grow – it is always exciting.  On the day below, we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. We enjoy crabbing, fishing, birding – Life.



On a good day – I get to hang out with Jonny Depp at the Wax Museum.  We have long chats. He and I.  We’re buds.





6:00-9:00 – Waiting For Daddy This is always the longest part of the day.  I usually blog about our days, read up on blogs, work on Crew or other Review assignments, get tomorrow’s items ready for school – call a friend, go have coffee. The photos below were from our dinner on the Winter Color Scavenger Hunt – I think for our 2-3 meal though. Colorful Baked Potatoes. Ham, Broccoli, Cheese, Bell Pepper, Green Onions, Butter and Sour Cream. Oh. I just got hungry


9:00-11:00 Movie, Reading and Chat time – Daddy is home. He gets a bite to eat, we watch a movie – or Pawn Stars or Storage Wars, or Survivor – I like to read – The boys take this time with their dad and stay up late.  (hence why they sleep in til 8:30 – 9) I usually catch up on blogs, facebook, email – and pass out before 10. The boys read themselves to sleep most nights. 


I looked through my photos from January 7th – 9th and picked these. As you can see, we have a certain rhythm to our days – more of a This Then That.  As the school year begins, I’ll take a day and photograph it – and let you peek in.

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12 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. L2L says:

    My husband is in the military and works late hours so we have decided to just let the day take us where it may. I remember and still hear of people putting their children to bed around 730, it has never happened for us cause the evening time is when we really get good family time!!! Have a great year!!!!

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Yes, we’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows at our shifted schedule – but having time with Dad seems more important than waking them at 7am. 😉 Many nights, we are just quieting down around 8-9 and enjoy the relaxing time together after as a family. 🙂 Glad it works for you too!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love your block schedule….enjoy your talks with Johnny 🙂

  3. PrairieJenn says:

    Love your routine…thanks for sharing! We have a relaxed approach as well:) Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so nice to know what beauty will be in 2037! (funny the little things I notice)
    Ya know I love you guys & hope to see you soon!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day today, I’ll connect up with you before next week 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Those pictures are stunning! I like the rhythm of your day. We are working on more order. Thanks for joining the crew blog hop.

  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    so.so.so.jealous of your beach time. Your photos are gorgeous. It looks like you live in paradise. Have a great year!

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Thanks Stephanie! My hubby was transfered here – and is due to transfer out in the spring possibily – so we have been allowing ourselves to enjoy every single minute of the outdoor opportunities here. We have friends who live here that never walk the beach or visit the lake, or come over to canoe. Crazy! I wake up every morning – excited and thankful!

  8. That was smart to go back and grab photos from a real, smack-dab in the middle of the school year sort of day. And I so enjoyed it!

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