A Day in the Life–First Day of Structured Learning



We start with our daily reading from the Ipod Bible App – I like to read the Life Journal Plan, the family is reading the Wisdom Plan from the Youth Section. We all take turns reading the passages.


Max likes Reading Time.



Next on the list today – Visual Latin.  We spent time as a family watching the Four Intro Lessons that comes bundled with 2 intro lessons for free.  The family really enjoyed the lessons. He appeals to Dads, then Boys, then Moms. In that order. He entertains. He’s a magician with words. He makes mistakes. He’s a little geek, a little fun, a little goofy, a lot helpful. I’m doing a review for Visual Latin for Timberdoodle – We’ll do the first regular lesson Weds.  I can’t wait to report how this program has impacted our family! But seriously – the whole family sitting around watching Latin Lessons?  Cool.



Next on the List was Mind Builders Social Studies for Nathan, JUMP 5 Math for Jonathan, then Mathmatical Reasoning for Nate.  Jon helped Nate with most of his Mind Builder’s questions. He asked if they make a Mind Builders for his age.  I’ll have to check into that. I’m sure they do!


Next up is our study on Jon Adams. It was fun that the book talked about Jon Adams and the Militia  – and we learned that Mile was Soldier in Latin – and Milita was a group of soldiers.   . . . Popped in from our lesson earlier in the day. Love that. We read the entire book in one setting, and then Nate wrote in his Notebook about James Otis (we live in Otis) – and a quote about the Birth of Independence by John Adams. 


Jon ran off to the neighbor’s house – to help with their yard sale. Ended up selling his bike to a customer.  He was really really excited. The yard sale was at the home of a family who homeschooled their two children who are now both at George Fox.  He came home with a bag of rulers, pens, pencils, protractors and post it notes. I love that kid.


Then my favorite part of the day – Relax on the deck with Dad while Max and I read a book together.  Giggle at the cold fog that has laid claim to the coast – but doesn’t have the nerve to come this far east.  . . . Oh so toasty!


You stay over there fog!!!!


What’s that? A seat full of new books?  Good thing we have a truck. Bob’s Beach Books had a 30% off cash sale today. . . . Nate had a $30.00 credit . . I had a book on order – so – well – we had to go in. Awesome pictorial cloud chart, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (come to find out this is the second time he’s bought this book) 365 More Science Experiments for Nate, and Drawing with Children so I can play in the weekly Art lessons online this year.

P1050531    P1050532

Off to the Price n Pride to pick up some French Bread and picnic supplies.

P1050526     P1050527

Price n Pride is right on the beach.  . . . At least that’s what they tell us!


It’s over there between the flag pole and the tsunami siren.

Past the Looking Scope. I promise. Big Wide Pacific Ocean.


Went the back way home, along the streets that look out to the Ocean.  Here’s the lookout at 26th street. Almost has a view . . . .


Now I know why they have signs to tell you where you are . . . for advection fog days.


Meanwhile, back at home, Sun, 80ish, warm. Oh Ya.


Came home to the boys mowing the yard.



It was a great first day. Lots of reading. Math. Latin. Music. Exercise. Fun.

We can do this every day.

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3 Responses to A Day in the Life–First Day of Structured Learning

  1. Love it! The fog is really socked in!

  2. Heather says:

    I would have liked to be at your house that day! We love Visual Latin, too.

  3. Blossom says:

    Is that a Scruble Cube I see on the table?? 😉
    Latin as a family… that is something you don’t see every day!
    Have a great week!

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