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Are you looking for an award winning online game that will teach Math, Spelling, SAT, Vocabulary and US States?  Big IQ Kids is your answer!  We’ve been working on the US States Premium Plan this month and the boys have enjoyed the ease of use. 


It takes about 5-10  minutes a day – to go through 12-40 questions.  You can change the number of questions and the level of difficulty. K-Adult would benefit!


With the states – You start with a summary of the state with many helpful facts.


Next – you could be learning about State Capitals, Geographical Placement, State Name spelling – It varies from day to day.


We have been using the Premium US States and Math for the past month or so off an on.  We just learned last week how to change the level for the US States Game.  Changing the levels on the Math was really easy. One thing the boys like – is the more of the program that you use, it unlocks fun online games to play in the safety of the program – games that you can find else where like Tricky Caps and Crazy Taxi. 

If you child likes the monthly membership online game areas, where they log in – perform 2-3 functions, and then play games – this might be an educational and still fun solution. Other online games we have reviewed have seemed “babyish” according to the boys.  So far, all they have said is that this one is “too easy”, but I think I can just move the levels up.

Jon (10) did learn about Alaskan Oil and Vacationers – and was impressed at the coiffeurs of monies that Alaska seemed to hold. He said that he’d rather learn the states geographical placement using a board game, or maps – but he liked the program overall.

Nate (13) liked the challenge of the games, once the levels were turned up.  He figured out that when he made a mistake, it would email the parent to let me know of his progress. (It does this when they advance as well). Yesterday he tried to get the game to send me multiple emails.  Weird Kid.

I’d like to work on learning more how to fully utilize this great website – to be honest.  We centered on US States.  The boys did use the Math Drills a couple of times just for fun, as we really worked hard on online drill programs last year. I’d like to incorporate the Spelling and Vocabulary into our weeks, now that we have 2 weeks of school almost under our belts. I see this as a program that we will utilize throughout the year – and I see the value of purchasing a Yearly Membership for that ease of use.

For a condensed “What is Big IQ Kids and to hear how other families used this program – Join us on the Crew Blog at  –

What is BIG IQ Kids? presents a unique learning method designed to help each child develop the skills needed to perform to his/her full potential. Our award winning programs are designed for students in grades K-adults and promote spelling efficiency, vocabulary building, math fact mastery and US geography knowledge via multimedia reinforcement and independent learning. We offer both FREE spelling, math, vocabulary, U.S. states programs and spelling and vocabulary games.

Contact Information:

Big IQ Kids has various pricing plans for their Math, US States and Spelling programs – you can find the list HERE – prices range from $7.99 per month to less than $50.00 per year, depending on the program. You can take a look at the Free vs. Premium HERE.

I Received a One Year Premium Plan from BigIQ Kids for free as part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for using the product in my home with two people and then blogging about our experience.

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