Drawing with Children Lesson 1


I’ll start with After Class – I went to Joanne’s to look for some artists markers – they really didn’t have any. A few scrapbook type gel pens, no markers. What’s up with that? So I went to our local Mart – and found Pentel Color Pens and Sharpie Markers.  It will do – part of the joy of living in a tiny coastal town, there’s not a lot to tempt you to spend monies on. Bad part – when you think you’ll run to the store to buy markers. . . .

Back to class, we enjoyed the warm up pages from Donna Young, moved on to the abstract drawing. It went well. One son, however, just didn’t seem to have listening ears on. Part of the lesson is to give a group of instructions, and then have them do it. 3 lines on the paper, any direction as long as it starts and stops on an edge.  Three Circles. One circle that touches another line or drawing element on the page. Things like that.  It does sort of show how much you have their attention. Ha!


All in all – we all enjoyed the lesson. Next to the drawing of the birds. By now, they had their eyes “seeing” and their ears “hearing” and the instructions went much more smoothly.


See all of our misc markers?  Believe it or not, none of them “feel good” to draw with.  Nice to have “drawing markers” now.


First it was a cute little bird. . . left him alone for a minute and they turned into gulls. He calls this one – “The Tourists at the Beach.” Does this stage ever pass?  Please tell me it does.


Happy Little Bird in a Tree. How hard is that?


Join me at Kingdom Arrows to link up our Drawing with Children lessons this year.

Drawing with Children

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3 Responses to Drawing with Children Lesson 1

  1. Heather says:

    my booy is only 4, still have not reached the Tourist at the Beach stage, ha! Ha!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Love this! I laughed aloud at The Tourists and the Beach! Having two boys, I can definitely appreciate this! Such a nice rendition he did, too. 😉 Thank you for sharing and have a blessed week!

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