Whale Watching Trip!

People. Time to look pretty. Stand tall!

I went out today with a friend to see the Grey Whales up close. There is a Blue Whale nearby – but we did not see him today. . . .

Spray and Fluke (Tail)

I didn’t get very many great shots- She, DD, surfaced quite a few times right near us. This is the top of her Fluke or Tail. I was a little busy loosing my breakfast overboard. . . . I have never been seasick before – I couldn’t believe it hit today! I did get a few shots – and a couple of videos. DD showed the rest of the group her fluke several times and stayed really near to the Zodiac.

Humpback Whale Fluke (Tail)

Humpaback Whale - Ridge of Back

Ridge of DD’s back. Below is our fun little Zodiac Whale Research Vessel. Our Biologist, Carrie, was really really a great teacher. She showed us the differences between the Sea Lions and the Seals, named all of the birds for us, gave us a fun class on the local resident whales, and was perky and fun to be with! I’m feeling a bit sorry for her deck hand. I think he’s cleaning up my spittle from loosing my breakfast. I was queasy when we left the harbor and then had a horrid episode out in the water when the Whale was there. I hope he likes Oatmeal and Peanut Butter.

Whale Research Vessel.

Here is a little video of our day – it is under 4 minutes long –

DD is a grey whale sorry for the typos saying she is a humpback! I forgot to mention a new life list bird Sooty Shearwater!

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5 Responses to Whale Watching Trip!

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  2. Love it! (Sorry you got sick tho.) That would have been SO MUCH FUN! (I must admit I’m a little jealous – of the viewing not the sickness. *grin*)

  3. exelente posibilidad!!
    In Patagonia Argentina, we also have whale watching trips.
    Best Regards

  4. Marie says:

    Bummer! At least by living near the water there will be other opportunities for whale watching. I enjoyed the pic’s…great camera

  5. Oh Angie, I’m so sorry you were sick. I’m scared to go whale watching because I know I’ll get sick. I remember my trip snorkeling in Hawaii…all too well.

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