Art and Music Appreciation Week 4? Monet and Joplin

How my heart swells with joy when not one – but both – of my boys climbed the stairs with an exclamation – “It’s Wednesday! Art Day!” for their morning greeting. We are enjoying the Drawing, Art Appreciation and Composer Studies!  Last week, when we were on the road all week, Jon packed his art clipboard and Drawing book. Both boys worked through the lessons on their own in the back seat.  Can I just give a shout out to having the first year of two really great readers? 

We are learning about layers. Observing the 3 dimensional form of paintings, objects, scenes. Trying to pull out with our vision – what is closest, then starting with that object first. Piece by piece drawing in the rest of the scene. We are also learning to incorporate scribbles or lines we drew that we didn’t like – into some sort of part of our total picture.


Tea Pot #1 becomes a Lego guy at the park, watching a volley ball game, and Tea Pot #2 becomes a parachute that was launched by the Lego Minifig. It could happen . . .I think that this is the most detail and total scenery that my 13 year old son has ever put into a single page of drawing. Joy. Apprehension usually fills my heart to see his creation after furious strokes can be heard across the room, I was pretty happy with this one.

P1000044 P1000041

Here is the example of what they were to draw – Jon put his display on a lap table. He’s really excited that he added a tiny tea cup. He went on and on about how tiny it was and how often one would have to fill it.

As we switch to the Art Appreciation side – of Monet and The Japanese Bridge, I was reminded of a blog article I read last week? from Harmony Art Mom – – where she directed us to Teach Kids Art. Teach Kids Art shared a Grading Rubic for Middle School Art – – At the time, just took the information in, thinking it was a great idea, but in Oregon, we do not necessarily need grades. However, this week, before starting our Bridge Drawing assignment – I could see the blank stares of how to start a recreation of a Claude Monet drawing.

P1000054We talked through the elements of drawing, talking of our warm up drills, finding the one line that was easiest to start with, adding in the rest of the design. Focused on the elements, seeing the layers, then adding in piece by piece. I wrote the rubric on the board – of what I was expecting them to do. Their desire to succeed pushed their motivation – and they both earned the entire 20 points.


Jon didn’t want to fill in the lily pads, I told him that was OK.  I didn’t’ get a photo of Nate’s drawing, but it was really fabulous!


While we drew the bridge, we listened to a podcast about Scott Joplin, listened to The Entertainer and Cascades, and read more of his Biography –  Ideas from weeks 7-9 from Grade 4 Art and Music Appreciation. Both boys are getting an ear for Rag Time and have enjoyed Scott Joplin’s music.


Link up with us as we Study the Composers each week!  Next week I will share a post on how you could one of the Mini-Units from Harmony Art Mom – Stay Tuned!!!

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4 Responses to Art and Music Appreciation Week 4? Monet and Joplin

  1. You are making me cheer from my side of the computer screen! So glad that things are turning around and love, love, love the still life. How awesome of a job did he do? This is going to change his life…learning these little tricks and skills will give him such a confidence as he hits his high school years. Both boys are so blessed to have you as their mom….hang in there. You are only starting to see the good stuff. 🙂

  2. KymPossible says:

    Love the Lego men! Very creative!

  3. Heather says:

    I love how “boy-a-fied” the Drawing with Children can become. My girls usually added butterflies, rainbows, etc. to their pics, no robots:)

  4. ~julie ~ says:

    brilliance saved! or perhaps restarted?

    I was using your example from a few weeks back where you were talking about the layers and drawing what is close, then what is farther away, to help Hunter this week, as he was drawing the backyard through the window. We need to work on it a bit more, but he is beginning to grasp perspective. Thanks for sharing your studies.

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